Under the Knife?

I am considering lap band surgery for weight loss.  I have been fat my entire life and have tried just about everything to lose weight on my own.  I am heavier now than I have ever been in my life...even when I was full term pregnant.  I am 5'8" and weigh over 275 pounds.  I feel awful all of the time and nothing fits me anymore.  I don't like going to work looking the way that I do.  Men don't look at me anymore.  I am eating my loneliness.  I'm 46 and my kids are old enough that if I died, they would be ok.  I'm going to die if I don't do something.  I think it's worth the risk.  I would like to hear from people who have done this.  I want to hear both sides...people who have lost weight and stayed thin, and people who have had complications or gained the weight back and why.  I want all the details...

Apelover46 Apelover46
46-50, F
1 Response Feb 26, 2009

The secret is building the courage for dry fasting not only will you be younger, you health better you will feel fabulous, I beg you dont go under any knife dear. Fasting is extra hard but worth while.