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Is This The End?

I am a 50 year old married woman withering on the vine.  My husband is a good man but has serious health issues.  We have small children and I would never consider leaving him.  I feel like I'm losing my mind.  We haven't had sex in several years and I just don't think I can do without passion and great sex one more day.  I miss kissing the most.  I would love to meet a nice man in a similar situation but haven't been able to find someone who is a gentleman.  I'm not interested in comments about the morality of the situation.  I've struggled with this decision for many years but I feel like I need to take control of my  life to become healthy and whole.
Olivia713 Olivia713 51-55, F 97 Responses Jul 17, 2010

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**** That be messed up cause of his health issues ? Really ? Buy sex toys or something theres alternatives but to go down that road that's pretty low some people aren't blessed wit good health I guess u think otherwise

Well I'm a man, and I would love to get to know you better. I strongly believed that we can create sparks and start talking and getting to know each other. I do feel your pain and if its in my reach we can always work something out.'

Totally understand I'm in a very similar situation.

I am in a similar situation...I chose the road you are thinking about taking. I found a lady who is very understanding, very passionate and very discreet. I have been in this relationship for nearly 3 years. It is a decision only you can make for yourself. If this is what you decide,you have to be prepared for the many feelings that will arise...not only for you but for your sexual partner. I wish you the best no matter what your decision is.

Is he ok with you having sex with another man?
I am available be your lover

You're not alone Olivia. My SO also lost interest in behind closed doors activity years ago and before that wasn't very comfortable with it. I'm a very honest person and I believe strongly in upholding to my responsibilities as a father and will continue to do so. I however was unable to go without after so many years. So I have been bad if you will define it as such.

if you no problem, i will solve your sexy feelings, enjoy your life with me, if your living in Hyderabad please send us your cell no i will meet you

Hi Olivia, what ever happened in your situation?

So far this year we have made love twice. The last time was Feb1st. I know the feeling. Each year it gets less and less. I miss kissing, forplay, and sex!

i am a husband in a simular situation - wife with health issues - i wouldnt leave her - but think there is a time to seperate love from sex - other wise one goes crazy - --

Wouldn't it be easier if we dumped the baggage of "monogamy'? Seriously, it's the root of many of our problems.

i have a very similiar wife has rheimatoid arthritis....and lung cancer...i take care of her when i am at home...and work the rest to the would be great to have someone to share intimacy...and that doesnt only mean sex...someone to just hold me and a good man...or listen as i share the frustrations ...or listen to them share know that someone else is in the same situation

have you discused this with him. you should comunicate your problems. or has his health gone to far,too long ?

dearest olivia713 i am so moved by your plite i as a male, have a similar situation with my wife. my wife suffers with depresion is taking medication and is under a doctors care. she . like your husband is a good person however she has never cared about my needs as much as i care for her ever since we married she does not sleep with me which hurts me so so much. yes. i have been with another lady and will try to be again if i can find a good lady with needs as mine. i truly believe that such very discrete intimacy is very very important for a person male or female for their own mental and physical health keep trying there are many good and gentile men out there antonas

Hi Olivia, you are still at a vibrant age an I can identify with the feeling as if life is going on without me, I too feel desperate and will find someone who will to share this energy and good health God has blessed me with. I have too much to offer when it comes to love and sex. I must also advise to carefully screen who you going to sleep with.

1. I would never consider leaving him. 2. I just don't think I can do without passion and great sex one more day.
Put your cards on the table ......find out what your lover it

love can come in different forms

He is a good man-----I beleive even though I haven"t met him----The big issue is your needs----If you look----You may beleive it not fall in love----what will you do?----do you beleive it thats simple----Olivia---I'm the man and your not that far----I'm am Worldly and will please you but if we really fall in love its our lost-----I will not slit a family apart.

I am in a very similar situation to yours, albeit a bit older than yourself. Nobody has the right to be judgemental and you are the only person who can decide what is ethical or not in your life. <br />
It my impression you are giving a lot of yourself without receiving enough in return due to a situation which is no one's fault, your children need all the parenting from you, your husband's health makes emotional and physical demands on your energy. <br />
In my personal opinion, it is perfectly legitimate and necessary to seek to fulfill your emotional and physical needs, and though it is not easy to find a soul mate, it is not impossible. Do not despair, keep an open mind, find a way to have 'alone time' for your own activities. <br />
Wishing you lots of luck, love and passion!

I have to say that I was in same situation, only both our health situations were bad.We both remained faithful for 15 years of a sexless marriage and are now separated due to other issues, We are still best frriends after a 24 year marriage and a 40 year friendship. It can and does work.

WOW!!!! Several years???? my girlfriend and I broke up less than a month ago and I'm losing my mind because of not having sex for few weeks.

I miss kissing too. A good old fashion make-out session

I know the feeling,

at least your husband has an excuse for you not getting fulfilled, it could be worse.

we all deserve to be happy Olivia. Once you are ready to act you need no ones blessing but your own. Do what makes you happy. Best Wishes DP

Hi Olivia, I am in a similar situation and would love to experience a close intimate and sensual encounter also. Would you like to meet and discuss????

Ditto here too...., it would be helpful to be able to interact with others in a similar situation, please feel free to contact me if it is OK with you.

I see this was written in 2010. Did you have an affair and if so how did it work out?

You have taken a bold step in the right direction, but remember one thing lead to the other.

You have taken a bold step in the right direction, but remember one thing lead to the other.

You have taken a bold step in the right direction, but remember one thing lead to the other.