Helping My Wife Out .

My wife and i quit having sex a few yrs ago, She just quit . She recently met a woman who is very interested in knowing her better. This woman phoned me at work and asked to meet me privately. She wanted to ask my help. She wanted my Ok on her seducing my wife. She knew my wife and I had given up on having sex and she was very attracted to my wife who is very fem in face and figure.
. She was willing to have sex with me as long as I was willing to let her ask my wife to go away with her for a weekend. She had already been wooing my wife with expensive gifts. I also knew my wife was bored with life and needed some excitement. I agreed and she and i met at her place and had sex. It was just that.. We kissed and I undressed her and we had sex.
She asked my wife to go away with her the next weekend, Of course my wife did not know that I already knew this would happen. I hoped it would al work out fine since my wife and I were not getting along. My wife had never been away with a woman before. I found out later they shared a bed . She surprised my wife by telling her that she loved her.. It was my wfes introduction to lesbian love. I think it was a good deal. I am also learning more about my wifes feelings.about sex. .
This lasted about two yrs , My wife told me to get rid of the lesbian .she had become demanding  and wanted my wife evry weekend
Also my wife  wanted my sex, she wanted to settle down  so I got her pregnant , The lesbian left when the baby was born  IWe are not in touch with her
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I think that letting your wife have a female lover is good as long as she takes care of your needs also. I have been in 3 somes and 4 somes where my girl was involved with another women and I didn't feel any jealousy.

Lies are good for marriage...sometimes... :-)

Haha! Mission accomplished. This story sounded so James Bond-y!

A very interesting story

so its been a while hows everything going?

ok so whats next?


if you want to spice up your marrage maby you could get another woman involved as long as your wife went along with it.

did you ever watch them together? my girlfriend was bi and it was ALOT of fun believe me lol

Wow, now that's a good story however I kinda believe you should have talked to you wife about your attraction prior to having the affair. But I'm glad that it worked out for the better for yah. good luck with the new baby. :)

I liked your story. Can you please tell us how that hotel escapade went. What did the less tell you?

What do you mean you gave up on the Lez? You need to stay in touch to keep up about what your wife is doing and enjoying. Have you thought about the Lez not telling you the full story. I bet your wife has given the lez oral sex or why would the lez continue to go out with your wife? You are not leading all us horny men along are you?

Julie and myself lived in Miami and i went to New Orleans one year with some friends. I met a very cute girl while i was drunk and forgot all about asking her to visit me in Miami trying to get in her pants ! Julie and i have done all kinds of kinky things and sex was getting old with her?A few months later this girl shows up at our door while we were eating dinner! Julie asked who is she ? Well i told her the truth about meeting Mindy in new Orleans months before.Mindy had no place to spend the night and she stayed with us. After a while the two of them started to get along better. I asked Julie if she might have a 3 way with this girl? She said we might ! I got the other girl on the side and told her that Julie has never been with a female and try to kiss her if she wants .A few minutes later this girl made her move and Julie kissed her back! Julie and i have not had sex in weeks at this point and i knew she had to be ready . We were drinking wine and took our clothes off to get in the hot tub . The kissing and licking did not stop and Julie asked if I wanted this girl? I oh yea<br />
All 3 of us ended up inour bed with her licking Julie and Julie watching me enter this girl from behind . She stayed 2 weeks or so and this woke up our sex life .After this Julie and myself would make a game out of sex . Go to a nice bar and she would ask cute girls to come home with us and i would ask guys to come home with us to make Julie happy with 2 guys .


i just have to say that my husband has not had sex with me in 7 years (his choose not mine) and i have offered to try anything he wants all he says is i dont want to talk about it and no i havent cheated on him but i really feel like it some times.

With everything going on these days I am afraid to. I even moved to Texas to save our marriage he said he would find a job where he could be home but he did not he now lives 4 hours north and comes here every 2 weeks and when he is here he spends most of his days at his dads . I have no family here just my kids no friends here every one is up north can I please get some advise

Go with it both ways. Enjoy being with your wife as much as you can doing whatever will please her, and also with the gf. Keep in touch with her. Maybe you could join both at some point, and have nsa pleasures with them. Keep us posted on your progress.

How do you know if the new lady in your life is telling you the truth or make belief?<br />
Also how do you know that she is not telling your wife what both of you get up to?

Wow. This is really hot! Thanks for sharing. You mentioned your wife normally likes control in the bedroom. Have you guys ever played around with male chastity? It's a fantasy of mine to have my girl lock up my manhood in a c0ck cage and keep the key, then while I'm locked up at home, have her go out with a a girl (or guy) for dancing, dinner, sex, whatever. Hearing about it later would be amazing.

Lucky Bstrd... Looks like a fantasy bro. doubt if it really happened..still if its true, its amazing. Sometimes we men dont know what really triggers a woman. I am married for the last 25 years and I am yet to really know when my lady gets turned on. We watch **** and she really likes the one's with some massage to begin with. so we have made it our favourite foreplay routine. I begin with massaging her head, neck and all the way down to her xxxxx all the time watching the films. she also gets turned on by seeing a big man with a big xxxx and although I admit for not having such a big one try to keep her interested as long as i can..<br />
<br />
in your case, ur girl needs some more attention on her xxxx and I am sure u dont (like me) enjoy going down on her. The smell and the mess down there somehow appals me and i cant do it. The same with ********. I dont like it either. But may be our wives want oral sex! so i might b interested in finding out if there is a women who can take care of me and my wife so that everything remains in the family....very convenient..

Convenient , HaHaHa!

Once your wife is on lesbian, it is difficult to come to normal mode. You are very lucky that her gf offered herself to you to replace your wife. If you want your wife back, go for oral, lots of stimulation before the act itself. This is because your wife is a passive partner. Try it when you have the chance

That sounds sick to me. Hearing about what the lesbian did with your wife.

well, iam quite impressed about your personal attitude towars the freedom of change that you have given to your wife. the sexual reorientation and act are all ba<x>sed on psychological thinking....its all in the mind. In your kind of an experiment it can revitalize your sex life to a great extent...but you got to be very that all three of you dont get into any kind of conflict wiyh each other....till then it sounds pretty smooth. world is full of surprises.

I don't get the part about you having sex with the girlfriend.... kinda selfish, right? she digs your wife and cynically you both trade out sex to get what you want (you out of the relationship and her, her conquest?) <br />
<br />
That is some messed up stuff there if you ask me... If a woman came to me and asked if she could have an affair with my wife, I think I'd tell her "you'll have to ask my wife." not "if I can pork you, you can take your shot."<br />
<br />
But, it sounds like it is working for all of you! have at it!

Ya, but she did. I say run with it, make it your advantage

Better her than me. I'm in NO WAY attracted to lesbians or the thought of intimacy with them.

Well, while sex of any kind is rare these last few months at my house (very single), that is my preference as well.

Holy cow you went along with this. I gess I would have to only I am the girl. Can't put my face down their. So it might not work. Take care

Sounds like the best of all possible worlds there.

Maybe I should borrow the lady friend for a few weeks. LMBO