Wife Is Boring In Bed

My wife and I are in two different places when it comes to sex. I am into lingerie, stockings, heels, dressing sexy, and all the romantic things like roses, wine candlelight. My wife is simple than I am she just wants to take clothes off and go for it with no fore play. I buy her lingerie, stockings and some toys but still just the same old thing. I look at other women who have the confidence to be sexy and ask myself how I get my wife to dress like that on a date. I have almost come to a complete loss of what to do. I am not that into the way she wants to have sex anymore. I have discussed with her the things I like but we keep going on doing it her way. When I do suggest my way she always complains and resists. I am thinking about going outside our marriage to get the things I am not getting inside our marriage. I am at a loss of what to do.
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no what you are saying my wife is the same i want her to dress not because i am sex mad but need some change and excitement in my marriage she only has energy to go out with friends or family notgot a problem in finding women but dont want to cheat she allso smokes weed if things dont change will be having casual sex with women i know and how listen to problems find it better to talk to women than her know not my fault but have tryed and tryed and just can be unhappy any more life is to short without living with some one that can not meet you half way move on my friend as i have been married for twenty four years and with experience she will not change for you but have to ask your self is it worth it any more Good Luck

I have been struggling with this for months now. I finally got a mistress. Every time I asked my wife to spice things up it would lead to a fight. I need my needs met. I'd rather bar them met by my wife, but I gave her the opportunity to do that and she failed. So. Now I have a woman that is confident, sexy, and willing to please me.

Not sure I am at that point yet. I have too much invested in this relationship.

If you have a true stocking, linger fetish have considered wearing them maybe with nylons and high heels. It might relive some of the frustration.

I am not into that. I love the way they make a womans legs look.....sooooo sexy.

You are so lucky already to be able to be with someone you loved and loved you. The one I loved is never with me on my happy times or my sad times. I am so unhappy now.

That is correct at one time that is how it was. Now I just keep trying to get back to that place with no response from my loved one. Frustration is getting the best of me at times.

HI there, well like you, i am reaching out for some answers. My wife is as sexy as anything, however, she does not bring that sexiness to bed. It is the same old positions, the same old movements, and i must not evenn mention trying anything new. If i am lucky during a good week i may have sex twice, always initiated by her. I am not allowed to start anything. I am tired of being told i dont understand. How can i understand as everytime we try talk about it, it ends in a fight. I would also appreciate any input, This is the first time i am mentioning this to anyone as well.

We are still trying to resolve the issue with little movement on our positions. I am trying to work my preferances into the relationship. I have been buying.her lingerie and been trying to set a mood. I have npt been successful. She rejects the ideas and will not even show me some of the lingerie I bought her. Not sure.what my next move will be. Keep me updated on your situation maybe we can help one anouther.

i suggest you to do as she likes .other woman will do as you is not sure about it .so please convene her for your style

I have not given up yet

try again .try try try still you win

I feel your pain. My spouse is not very demonstrative or imaginative. She never initiates anything. I see to it that she has a nice ****** and like giving oral, but otherwise she takes no active role and is inert for the most part. It seems like a slippery slope to a sexless marriage, something I dread.

It is a sad situation for you both. Does she know your on EP and wanting another Women?

She knows that I am on EP. Not sure I want another woman, would like to make what I have work. If the situation came up with another woman that is into the same things I am, not sure what I would do. Love my wife very much, just this one issue is causing us problems. Tried to do it her way and it just won't work for me.

She is a VERY Lucky Women to have you.. I hope you can make it work... If you need an ear I'm a great listener, I don't have solutions but I can listen.. Just know your not alone.. Take care.

Thanks for caring