So, my husband gave my permission to sleep with other men! Crazy huh? I guess he doesn't want me to nag him about giving me sex anymore (although I stopped doing that a while ago). His rules are: don't tell him about it, always use protection, don't get pregnant, and no one close to us.

I already had someone lined up (old crush). When I knew it could actually happen, that I find this guy attractive and my husband basically gave me his blessing I started to freak out. I was nervous about when the new guy would text me next. Did not know what to respond.

Then he did text and asked me if I was still up to it. I said yes, even though I wasn't sure. Somehow he noticed the resistance because he texted about me backing out at last moment. (He does not know my husband gave me permission and I do not plan on letting him know.) Well he told me he would text me this week about meeting up.

What I like about all this is that I couldn't care less if he text me or not. I am not anxiously awaiting his text. I do not know if I would go thru with it. (I tried to cheat before, on my ex, couldn't do it)

I am looking at a life without sex in terms of my husband. He gave me permission... I seem to be unattached to the new guy, I think this is, under the circumstances, an ok deal. I do love my husband I am not looking to leave him at all. I just need sex, and that is something he cannot give me and is not willing to do anything about.

What do you people think?
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So my husband gave me "permission" to find someone that can appease my sexual appetite. He has simple rules about this. It can't be someone he knows, I have to always use protection and not tell him about it. He gave me permission back in July.

I have a profile on OKCupid since then and have been on and off on it. Not really taking action on this idea. I have never had casual sex and have only had sex with 3 people including my husband. So I really just wanted to find someone who was nice and I could trust. That would have been difficult considering it had to be someone my husband doesn't know.

Well at his friend's party I was re acquainted with someone who I had meet before just once . My husband too... So when I saw his profile I went for it. We have only really meet him 2 times in like 6 years.

Well last week was the first time I did it, finally, after a year and with this guy. He is awesome and really nice... I truly don't regret it at all. Now all I can do is think about the next time we meet. I am not falling for him, I just want to have sex with the guy.

Well... nothing has happened... My husband and I have been having economical problems so we weren't able to pay the cel. phone bill, so I have not been in contact with my "future" lover. I'm really apathetic about it at this moment... Maybe when the phones are back on and MAYBE if the guy txt me back something might happen... But I won't go out of MY way to make it happen.

Interesting topic. I would like to know 'what' next

I think you and your husband have the perfect deal. Although I'm surprised that he doesn't want to know.

You know what I think it is? My sex drive has died!!! I stopped watching, listening or reading any suggestive materials (which I used to enjoy) just to not get horny and want to have sex and cause problem with my husband.<br />
<br />
So now I just don't feel it! It scares me... and I miss my old self.