I have been having random thoughts of having an affair. Is that normal? It has come to the point where i just look a a woman and wonder what would it be like to have sex with. What is the problem? I love my wife but what i am i missing to have these thoughts? Open to any suggestion
kasmitty kasmitty
31-35, M
1 Response Aug 10, 2012

I would strongly advice against it. You need to sort out what is going on with you and your wife and that may take some time to figure out. I speak from experience, after 15 years of fidelity, I started being tempted to cheat and did. I fell in love with the other man - never would have seen that coming! Now I need to sort out my feelings for my husband and the other man simultaneously and it's a disaster. I never would have cheated if I knew how hard this place would be.