In Love But Need To Be Touched

I've been married for 30 years and by all accounts a great family and marriage.
I have always been a physical person...sensuality and tactile experiences is a very legitimate part of our heart soul and minds.

We stopped having sex five years ago. We have gone to therapists galore and many couples workshops.

I finally made the decision that I can't change her. She is a good person and continues to be a great mother and partner. To fulfill my hunger...I decided to find someone who had the mirror image of relationship dynamics.

I was patient and took my-time looking, chatting and lunch dates... until I found the woman with the same mutual interests and goals. The key rule is that our families (including our spouses) come first...from there we have built a great friendship with benefits relationship...I t has been fantastic and my relationship with my wife has really improved (still not physical) with me participating in the "here now" of the family.
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1 Response Aug 25, 2012

Is it still working? Sounds like a good arrangement. Would your family be extremely upset if they found out? I've looked at the affair websites, but I'm understanding the male to female ratio is way out of whack.

Best to you.

It works extremely well. Neither of us are under the delusion that we will fall in love, both divorce and marry. Instead we invest our emotions as friends almost like golf buddies. We keep each other inline and remind each other why we have our "play" dates. We both this point at least...both our marriages are better (probably because we have lightened up on pressuring our spouses for sex). So far so good...