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Help Please

I'm married to a crazy control freak an I came to ep for help; in the marriage groups an I did an durning all this I met a wonderful man on here that's nothing like my husband he makes me feel good. About myself which my husband never does an this guy has also been like this amzaing rock for me, I totally never thought this would happen I helped him threw his bad marriage ; now we've fallen for each other what should I do now!!! I need some advice
Hillary1160 Hillary1160 36-40, F 33 Responses Sep 28, 2012

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I know how you feel

This is an old story

Don't jump into another relationship right a little for your world up to more than your hubby and this gut you just met.....

you sound like a woman who wants to live life to the fullest......see the new men....and don't get all tied up right away with another guy

Being new guy as boy friend it will be nice and fun, but don't give up the marriage,though you flirt with the new bf ,marriage life has a bond don't break it.

Being a new guy it will be nice only but don't give upm

is ur husband not rocky and horny.

Each of us has less attractive side. Have u had a fight with your ep friend?? Struggled over money with him?? Had any sort of stress with him? To compare a marriage to an online relationship just isn't fair. If your husband isn't treating u well, do as u will, but be careful with your expectations.

Don't worry I'm not talking to the other guy but my ex hubby did pop up on my fcbk an it was hard to see

So want to help

What is he planning on doing.

How long have you been married?

We did but it didn't work out

so finally...did you or did you not have an affair???

you should have the affair mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm then tell your hubby to his face just to see his expression lol and crush the freaks heart lol

I'm sure your husband is also a wonderful man. Talk to him. Tell him that you have been talking to someone else about your problems, and you wish he was there for you. Do not give up on him. After all, he married you.

You helped this guy through a bad marriage, but have you helped your husband through his bad marriage. Be thankful of what you have.

I'm sorry he dumped you. What was his reason*

I don't know he dumped me

Is he over his ex emotional baggage ?,genuine,,,

life is not easy and relationship changes with time. love is not easy to get and one has to make an effort to see that love remains with both the partners. its a continious effort on both not let small things blow up with the result that the relationship dies. i would be very happy to know more about you. Every marriage undergoes a change with time as thinking and attitude changes.and slowly one looks for love elsewhere. its same with me also. my marriage is 28 yrs old and love has flown lets share some of our thoughts .

Plus I'm not talking to the other guy but I was getting close to an old friend

I wish it was just that easy , but thanks

Well the truth is it is the best way to go.

Not in this case


Well get a divorce and be with who you want to be with.

One day I'm sure the same thing is going to happen to me. I am so sick of dealing with the bullshit at home and I know one of these days I'm going to end up meeting someone who makes me happy when we talk, not the same old fighting and arguing.

I totally understand

That's why we broke up

Anytime any place u name it x

I don't know I don't even know what u look like lol

Would love to help with u having an affair, I would treat u right and not take liberties x

Well ok let's go

stay faithful!


Aww I really like this guy , I'm so scared

Babe life is way too short, bite the bullet and be with each other! it sounds like ur hubby don't deserve you. You are worthy of being happy.

Thanks I've needed that here lately since I'm layied up from just having work done on my ankle an this guy has been wonderful , my husband has helped a little but nothing like this other guy

We all deserve to be treated like a queen! the real question is do you really want to be with your husband for the rest of your life? When it sounds like he makes you doubt you worth much. Every one has a chance at happiness. Do u really want to spend the rest of ur life wishing u had taken the chance? or are you happy to carry on as is with hubby?

I don't know if I should but I've got so many responsibles here working an taking care of my parents , I've told my friends I've built my company an I've worked so hard I just can't let that go

I understand where your coming from, Take the time you need to decide what is right for you. Just be true to yourself! Your responsibilities will always be there you may just have to find a different approach to them is all. Why would you have to leave your company?

I don't know I just feel like I would

Because this guy I like is out of state an he can't leave because of his children An I would never ask him too since he's a great father an he's sharing them w his ex

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I agree with the suggestion to have a weekend away. I would just add that it sounds like he has been therapeutic to you and that you have been so for him. I think this is good and normal, but it is important to meet him in person with that same mindset...its just good therapy. That way, you can enjoy each other's company, conversation, touch and embrace. Enjoy it all together. But, don't go in with expectations that he will solve any of your problems, or be a husband replacement, or even be any knight in shining armor type thing because then a different pressure will develop between you and both run the risk of disappointing each other and then you lose your rock. Just my $0.02 as its happened to me that way.

Thanks I've really needed to hear something like that we've been together for about 4months now , an I just don't know what to do next

When the time is right, have an amazing long weekend...consoling...each other thru it all :)

Thank you that's the best advice I've heard yet

Thanks we really love each other

If you met this man only on online..then you should consider many things before meeting him for real..

Oh trust me , we've talk about that he's in the middle of a divc an he has his children to think about first an his career

okay..if you found he's genuine as he advice for you is to wait for few months before deciding anything because his nature towards you may change after a while..

Thanks again for the advice

Oh yes we don't wanna do something crazy , since I am still married , but he's been a wonderful support system

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