Need To Feel Special

Im 28, im a full time student, work part time and am married with children. Im bored to be honest with my man, hes not romantic in the slightest, sex is boring and to be honest hed rather be at work, watching ***** or watchin the football rather than tryin to woo me. Im just lonely and want abit of spice bk in my life just wanna feel special an wanted not like im a bad lookin chick either :-/ am i wrong to be feelin this way?? I theres a nice guy out there in a similar situation lets chat :-)
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7 Responses Nov 27, 2012

You are a beautiful woman. It's a shame he doesn't appreciate you. Your not wrong for feeling the way you do at all.

Sorry to hear that you're not being fulfilled. I know how it feels to put in the time with your significant other only for them to not reciprocate. And I mean that in every way possible(sexually and non-sexually). So, it's not wrong for you to feel the way you do. We should all be made to feel attractive, special and wanted, so I'm here for you.

Your not wrong for wanting more truth is he is probably having a affair. You can message me

do you girl or you will just end up hating life

I understand the lonely part, but not for all the same reasons. I read something the other day in a magazine why women like to flirt with married men, it was interesting and made me go mmmm. See in flirting with a married man you are only seeing where that man will go, will he flirt back, will he add back that spice that you are looking for, will he help add fuel to your dwindling internal fire. See you know that pretty much any guy will talk / flirt back, and you never have to take it to that next level. You can always drop it when it gets past that point and it never has to get physical. See as a guy I have tried this and it doesnt always go over well cause well its just easier for a woman, in my opinion.

Id love to chat with you, im non judgemental, look at every aspect and my main goal is that you can go away from an email feeling a little better about life in general.

I leave it to you, contact me if you would like.

Hope to hear from you

We sould chat sometime going through similar situation

Nothing wrong with the way you are feeling. My sex life with my wife is non existant.
Lets just say I am beyond sexually frustrated.