Extremely Wanting....

I have been married for almost 2 years. My husband is a wonderful, caring man. The thing is, obvious drum roll, please...... our sex life. It is way too infrequent. I am a very sexual person and have an urging appetite for sweaty, hot, passionate, animalistic straight-- *******. He is happy with weekly sex, but me? I want it--crave it--need it-- daily (at the least). I am sick of ************, and have been withholding oral pleasure (which is also a punishment for me, sadly), because it isn't fair for him to get off so quickly and leaving me hanging til the next time. I love my husband, I really, really do. But I long to attend to the raw woman inside me. Is this normal? I just turned 32, and he is 28. Maybe that matters, idk. A bit of background is: I was nearly his first. I feel like sexually I am more than he can handle. We have amazing sex, when we have it. Sometimes it's even so erotic, it leaves me in this same predicament (still horny). He finishes and passes out, leaving me dreaming of the next time, some time in the far future. Help, please! How do I bring myself to feel okay about giving in to my desires? Thanks for your time.
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i know eactly how you must feel xxx

:( sorry !

Love your husband. Get a hung, energetic and dominant lover

Hopefully your husband needs more sex and will please you as often as you need it. I know I'd please you all the time, as often as you need it, also and I'd LOVE that very much, orally :)

Assuming that you either swing or plan to, perhaps you can talk him into it. I doubt it would be difficult. Once there, you can get all the sex and ******* you want. If not, let me know, I'll be happy to complete your desires.

You'll find when you check out my pics, I'm wanting to **** as much as anybody.

Sounds like you are one of the lucky ones.