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Extremely Wanting....

I have been married for almost 2 years. My husband is a wonderful, caring man. The thing is, obvious drum roll, please...... our sex life. It is way too infrequent. I am a very sexual person and have an urging appetite for sweaty, hot, passionate, animalistic straight-- *******. He is happy with weekly sex, but me? I want it--crave it--need it-- daily (at the least). I am sick of ************, and have been withholding oral pleasure (which is also a punishment for me, sadly), because it isn't fair for him to get off so quickly and leaving me hanging til the next time. I love my husband, I really, really do. But I long to attend to the raw woman inside me. Is this normal? I just turned 32, and he is 28. Maybe that matters, idk. A bit of background is: I was nearly his first. I feel like sexually I am more than he can handle. We have amazing sex, when we have it. Sometimes it's even so erotic, it leaves me in this same predicament (still horny). He finishes and passes out, leaving me dreaming of the next time, some time in the far future. Help, please! How do I bring myself to feel okay about giving in to my desires? Thanks for your time.
sizzzlin69 sizzzlin69 31-35, F 7 Responses Jan 10, 2013

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I am in a similiar situation, my wife rarely wants sex and I want it constantly

i know eactly how you must feel xxx

:( sorry !

what he doesn't know won't hurt him. You'll be better for him if you're satisfied as well.

Love your husband. Get a hung, energetic and dominant lover

My take is that you and your husband need to communicate openly, honestly and with no punches pulled about this. If a reasonable solution fitting you both can't be found, I think you'll probablyfind a ****-buddy at the least and a swing group at the most. Talk talk talk
it's the secret to any relationship working out..and good luck!

we did! i had told him so much that i honestly thought he was stupid lol....but then i found this site, and showed him i meant business. everything changed that exact minute. he said he knew i was serious, just that he didnt realize how much. we have had sex with another couple and done a few 3somes so the open-ness was never an issue. he had to know i need more. i think him seeing me in this light has ignited a new flame in him. it's working, whatever it was ;) he doesnt want to lose it! <3

Good ! - A marriage is a blessing (mine lasted 50 years) and it can be enriched by a varied and inclusive sex life when both partners are accepting of the fact that no one person can ever be expected to be capable of satisfying all of the other person's needs. Love is being able to enjoy the partner's enjoyments and I'm happy for you both that this has worked out well for you

i think it has strengthened us a lot. it's still the beginning of a new journey and we are having a blast, thats all that matters. i know for me this is also personally liberating. i held out on myself for so long. guilt tripped myself when i was bad or did bad things. stupid **** to let go so i can be free in my own skin. that has brought us closer together also :)

it also helps he wasnt very experienced. he is such a nice guy and was always the "friend" LOL now he can **** and **** and have fun while not worrying about courting the ****. hahaa that's not mean, but true :) he's gettin all sorts of goodies after being so wonderfully dedicated :)

Wonderful that you can let him enjoy your freedom too. My late wife was very Bi and needed much more than I alone could give her so I benefitted from her activity just as your husband does. I wasn't a cuckold, just as he is not, but set free to explore sexual powers and pleasures for just that and nothing more while at the same time comforted and secure in a committed relationship with a wonderful woman. He is fortunate and so are you. I think this would be a much better world if everyone could understand and experience sexuality without the constraints that have been put upon's natural, it's necessary, it's just plain ******* fun...and it's good you two know that

Thanks honey :) I never heard of cuckold til here lol...still not sure. Been googling stuff haha I have lots of terminology to learn.

If I may..a cuckold is a man who is submissive and who usually has to clean his wife up after she's had men *** in her *****. A variation is a man who can only *** if he jerks off while he watches his wife being ****** by another man. Still another variation is a man who has such a small **** he can't satisfy his wife and frees her to **** whomever she chooses so long as she stays with him.

Oh! Thx! No that isn't my husband. He likes to watch me get and be turned on, but that's the extent of it. So far anyway. Sometimes I'm the Dom one with him but not like when he is with me.

Good ! - A real cuckold is a pitiful sight and generally the object of scorn by his partner and his wife's lovers...many eventually go into deep depression or end their own lives they're so keep ******* that good man and making him feel like the King and you'll benefit from his undying love and appreciation of you

That's so mean and sad! :(

I will, I promise. ;)


I'm trying! I want to watch the girls flirt with him. And some people are more responsive to a specific gender...maybe we can get more ***** in our bed lol I'm dreaming of the day ;)

I do lol I flirt with everyone. Unless you are wearing a **** diaper. It just does nothing for me. Flirting is about flattering the other person. That makes them happy. I like making people happy ;)

I usually make it my mission ;)

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Hopefully your husband needs more sex and will please you as often as you need it. I know I'd please you all the time, as often as you need it, also and I'd LOVE that very much, orally :)

Assuming that you either swing or plan to, perhaps you can talk him into it. I doubt it would be difficult. Once there, you can get all the sex and ******* you want. If not, let me know, I'll be happy to complete your desires.

You'll find when you check out my pics, I'm wanting to **** as much as anybody.

Sounds like you are one of the lucky ones.