I Need An Affair

Its a long shot but are there any ladies who like me are in a sexless marriage and would like to meet up ?
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1 Response Jan 23, 2013

Sounds like an easy way out. An affair is more complicated than it sounds. Have you tried to work out your sexless marriage? Like find out why she does not want sex? It might be a very simple thing, cheaper than getting a prostitute. It might be just complementing her, getting some flowers for her, offering to do the dishes.
One very important thing I have learnt about women: The further away you light the fire, the hotter the fire between the legs becomes. Try it. Just TRY IT.
Remember, a cow eats straw, a lion eats meat. You've got to identify what she likes to 'eat'. Different women like different things. DON'T ASK her what she likes, spend time with her and learn learn what she likes or misses.
Now that's how you make a cold woman hotter than a volcano.
Unless she is selfish.