I'm Considering An Affair

I'm married, love my wife lots and lots, BUT have been on MSN for 5-6 months with a friend , and we have fallen for each other, looks like we will have the opportunity this week end ot start our affair, i just find it so weird cos i have always been the type of guy who hates unfaithful people and could never imagine why anyone would want to have an affair, so why me, why now?


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14 Responses Dec 9, 2008

Ah... all the sanctimonious BS.<br />
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Bottom line.. YOU believe in monogamy. Not me, not anyone else. As such, walk the line. If you don't you are a hypocrite. Can you live with that?<br />
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Let us know two years later if you continued to walk that straight line and "Is it worth it?"<br />
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An Affair is not different from the worst drug. it is a crime against your wife and marriage vows. it is a sin and often committed by those who lost their conscious.

Good for you Mate ! Don't do it ! Be honest with your Missus and try conjure up the excitement you were missing from her, but got from your friend ! Good luck and be honest !! :)

Why would you do something like that in the cold light of day? Either you are lying about your love for your wife or you are a shallow person who does not know how to separate love from lust.. Y ou know very well that if you were to proceed to have this hook up as you say you will, you will be hurting your unsuspecting wife worse than if you were to take a knife and drive it through her heart! If you want to treat yourself to the fun of getting some on the side then do the honourable thing and tell your wife of your intentions and divorce before you take any untoward step. For you to even think of something like this shows you up to be a shallow and callow man.<br />
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Your wife deserves better and you should let her decide her future without your stinking odour around her!! Man up or ship out.

Sounds like you made a great decision. <br />
Work the marriage, make it fun.<br />
Great news.

but it is just lust, you want to throw everything away for lust? i feel for your wife, i hope a better man comes and sweeps her off her feet and makes her feel like a woman, not just a wife.

dont do it you will feel like a piece of crap for the rest of your life im telling you from experience you will regret it trust me if u love her dont do it talk to her if she doesnt make you feel sexy tell her before its to late you will end up in a bunch of lies and trying to cover it up remember why you married her ok you dont want to ruin what you have remember how hard it was to search for her and how lonely you were that will repeat over and over please dont do it you know its not the right thing to do

good for temptation is one thing your bigger than that feel proud xx

Folks,<br />
<br />
I have knocked this on the head, am not going to have the affair, and wil be devoting my energies to continuing my married life with my fab wife, so thanks for your messages.

please don't do it think about how to inprove your life with your loving wife .Just think how you would feel if it was happening to ou and your wife was thinking about having the affair.sorry no help here best of luck please make the right choise and walk back to your wifes arms

get your head outa pants.sit up.wake up.it will only be sex.get sex with your wife.if u love her dont have an affair get alife with your wife,if not leave her an the kids gto be with your online mate.but no u dont wanna move in with the woman do u.its just fun.beleive me my friend it always ends in tears.rethink your marriage an values.spice up your life u got now.end it now if u want casual sex with someone u dont really know.lust is fun but its blind.just asying as you must know it daft.its happened cos u an d her let it happen,dont chat to girls online bout sex etc.it dont work but leads to this.get offline an get with your wife in your sheets.good luck

I agree with all here......If you are to cross this path...then there will be two relationships that will change....<br />
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You will forever change what you have between you and your wife....And possibly kill it altogether...<br />
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And the cyber one....As soo as you bring it into reality that changes it all.....Most people come across one way over the keyboard....And then in in the real world....Well they do not come across as well.....Not only that...But you are safe the way that is is now.....But in reality..>Well it will not be so safe....Let's face it...They only truely safe sex is cyber sex....with a really great firewall up....hehehehe those viruses are curable...and if not curable...Well then you just toss the computer...and start fresh

Normally when you fall into something you climb back out of it. If you love your wife like you say you do then you need to climb out of this and re-affirm why you got married to your wife in the first place. Right now before you take that next step. It is still just a cyber fantasy that you are playing, once you cross that line then it will never be the same. Listen to yourself and what you have written. <br />
<br />
“I 'm married, love my wife lots and lots”<br />
“I have always been the type of guy who hates unfaithful people and could never imagine why anyone would want to have an affair,”<br />
<br />
It is never too late to climb out of something you have fallen in.

because you like the excitment ... make excitment with your wife.. if you do this it will never be the same even if she doesnt know... please give young people me the hope that all relationships dont end this way.... <br />
emotional cheating is an affair.....