I've Been Cheated On So I ...

I've been cheated on So I wouldnt want to put someone else though that
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It is the Worst of the Worst! I'm 6 months out in the recovery phase, I know we will Never be the same. I stay for Our 2 little ones and I still Love her. But she has crushed me!

I would never cheat. Ever.

I would agree with you but.... theres this little voice that keeps saying "payback is a _itch".

I understand, same here.

I think that is wonderful that Dawnmarie doesn't want someone else to go through the pain she went through. Kudos to you Darlin. Yes this happened to me. Talk about being kicked in the gut and at the same time you are going to throw up and have diahrea, sorry so graphic but it is hell. It is an awful thing to go through. When I found out I filed for divorce the very next morning. It really was so very awful, I am definitely better off now and so are my teenage boyz. Jodiapollo so sorry for what you went through. You know god speaks to us all in whispers, then he finally just hits us on the head with a big one. I wish you the best, I am sure you will be better off. Faith, Hope and Love will help. Then maybe a tinsy stiff drink might help. I know this is weird, but what really helped me was, this guy started talking with me at a club which I do not frequent often, mind you I wasn't considering anything because he was younger than I, so I turned him down. Weeks went by he called and was very persistent, so at one of my weak points I gave in. It only lasted about a season. It was great he was my football buddy, we would watch football then go wow chicka wow wow! It was just really nice to have someone around. Just fun. That got me over the hump. Never looked back after that. Sorry if it is not the conventional way but it sure healed me. Really it did. :)

I feel your pain nor would most men or woman in this experience want to cause that. The people here are usually not self centered people. These people have been cheated out of the intimacy that<br />
would be due them in a normal healthy marriage. They are working out of survival. Many cannot move on because of children or similar reasons. Some are not strong enough to take the plunge. <br />
I have compassion for those living both lives. I regret you felt the pain. I ask you along with me to pray for both.

Your welcome. I appreciate that...

My husband had an affair 10 years ago and then another 5 years ago. This has nearly distroyed my life. What is crazy is that i believed him when he said he was sorry. I believed that at the time it was my fault and i loved him so much that it would make everything all right. But he feels that because he admitted to everything that he concience is clear and now i have all the visions of his cheating in my head all the time. our history is eating away at me. It has taken me so long to come to the conclusion that i have to ask him to leave. It was something he said recently that made all the bells go off in my head and i realised that he stays with me because i have made it easy for him to do so. I thought it was because he loved me. I feel like such an idiot. i feel like there as an "in " joke and i have only just got it. It was "ME". Don't cheat !! Just leave.

i found out ten days after i proposed so crushed its only been 4 months and i stayed for my son and her kids that call me daddy with 2 guys took care of her and her fatherless kids and couldnt believe it and when i found out i hit kid and he almost died from one punch have court in 2days sux

Only someone who has lived through the hurt can truly understand it. <br />
<br />
Your conclusion is an admirable one. Lessons in life have meaning only in how we use them to impact the lives of others.

Good for you. However you have'nt given any details about the circumstances of the cheating incident nor have you clarified what kind of responses you expect. Do you want to launch a discussion on the evils of cheating or do you want to offer advice to those who may be in the midst of a full blown cheating affair as the betrayed party drawing from your own experiences? If so then we will be happy to have the wisdom of your knowledge as it will definitely help some tortured soul out there! Cheers