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What Are the Pros and Cons?

I am considering getting dentures and would like to hear from some people that have them.  I have poor teeth from a combination of poor genetics and poor hygiene.  About 15 years ago (when I was in my 30's) I had everything fixed up with root canals and crowns.   Recently 2 of the crowns broke off.   The dentist is recommending implants as a permanent solution.  But that gets very expensive, especially as additional teeth break off in the future.   I'm thinking dentures would be a less expensive option.

I would like to hear the pro and cons of dentures - costs, affect on eating, other factors that I may not even be thinking about.

I am a professional consultant, and appearance is somewhat important. 

mikebob mikebob 46-50, M 31 Responses Mar 24, 2008

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I am 25 years old and have sensitive teeth no matter what I eat or drink on both sides of my mouth hurts and I'm considering dentures but I don't handle pain well how long does it take for them to pull out half of your mouthful of teeth. Plaza I need advice I'm scared.

hey you posted a while ago have you had dentures done? im thinking about it how are yours doing or did you get them? actually anyone on here can reply if you ended up getting dentures..thanks

Two and 1/2 years in, and best decision I ever made in my life! Eating steak, corn on the cob and anything else I want, no pain, confident smile, no deterioration stuff, all happy! Tips: (1) If you can, take a couple of months off to let your mouth heal after removal before final fitting (realize not every one can do this), but great if you can. Worth the time off, long term. (2) When I went for adjustments after the first couple of weeks, I brought along a little hand-drawing identifying any stress points where I was experiencing discomfort - my dentist was so thankful! It helped him precisely direct the lab. He said I'd probably be back in a few weeks, would probably experience some pain and absesses and he would be happy to make any changes necessary.. never had to go back. My little diagram worked! Never had any subsequent pain or need for adjustment - and no absesses or other problems. Total cost about $3,000 which I paid in installments and missed time from work, but worth a MILLION, BILLION dollars in terms of how I feel and how others perceive me! (The gagging thing is small potatoes, and passes quickly, so don't let it punk you out of reaching for a change for a better life :) Good luck!

I have had Systemic Lupus since the age of 12. Now I am 55 yoa and have terrible decay in my teeth cause from the SLE. I'm tired of forking out money to try and fix my teeth. Every time I go to the dentist for a cleaning they find more cavaties. I am TIRED of it! I am comtemplating dentures. If I do get them, my dds says I need a full set (upper/lower). I can get a full set w/1 years' worth of adjustments for about $5400. I can take vacation time off to heal. I would love to NOT have any more pain and have nice looking teeth. I have been turned down for credit so will have to go to family to be able to pay for them or wait a couple years to save $$ to get them....but in the meantime my teeth continue to go down hill. I am stuck between a rock and a hard spot.

I just had a full set of dentures put in a few days ago. I had to have some bone removed and stitches put in which is not helping the whole getting use to them. Need to know how did you get over the gagging because everytime I talked I start gagging. Been trying the whole reading out loud but keep gagging. I love my new teeth but I feel like my whole mouth just hurts when I try to talk or even trying to eat. How did you get pass all of this?

suck on hard candy

May I ask who your dentist is? What area do you live in? Is the dentist near Pittsburgh?

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I am terrified to have any teeth pulled I have heard that there is extreme jaw bone loss once teeth are pulled and facial collapse, atrophied facial muscles and premature wrinkles. I am trying to find a way to get implants and am looking for a clinical trial involving implants because I am disabled and only work part time. I have one tooth right now that is non restore-able but if that one gets pulled 3 more are almost immediately at risk to be pulled if I can save the one tooth I may have a chance of keeping the rest. I did a lot of searches on the consequences of dentures how it speeds up the jaw bone loss and not having the same PSI for chewing might lead to nutritional deficiencies. Traditional medical treatment hasn't help my other medical issues and I have been trying supplements and high fiber diet lot of fresh raw fruits and vegetables it my only chance of getting better and getting of disability I feel like if I loose my teeth I loose all hope I have been severely depressed.

Im 55 and had bad teeth for many years. i went for full dentures. In febuary i had all my teeth pulled, an was back to work in 2 days. I went 4 month with out any teeth letting as many changes that had to happen in my mouth happen. its tough and you learn to eat Mcdonalds hamburgs. after the 4 month it took 5 visits over 1 month to get a complete set of dentures. the 1st day i ran right out bought a complete lunch and took my 1st bite then spitting out everything in my mouth, dentures also.<br />
the trick was 1 at a time. first the uppers wear them locate the sore spots and have your dentist fix them. after 2 weeks of this i started to wear the lowers also.<br />
another week of miner adjustments and i was in good shape.<br />
i have had my dentures in 1 and 1/2 months now . still got a few problems, or sore spots that hurt when you bite down hard. i figure 2 or 3 more weeks and i will be eating all again. also the different types of glues to hold them in place work very well.<br />
i sleep with them in my mouth and they seem to keep that snug fit. no problem talking any more. best thing i have done for myself in years

May I ask who your dentist is? What area do you live in? Is the dentist near Pittsburgh?

My real concern is how long am i going to be out of work.I'm sorry, a full set is <br />
is in my future.I read with interest and view with as much of a positive attitude<br />
as one could have.Money really isn't the ob<x>ject.I have been coming to find out that<br />
finding the right dentist is important.Hows this for starters.When your in the chair<br />
and hit rolls up in his exam chair asks you to open up as he brings down the opratory<br />
light and looks and says oh my god!Wrong guy,huh!It happened to me once.Is it the school or when they graduated.A female dentist seems like a proper approach.Since that is who I really need them for ,I mean besides myself, starting with a female dentist might ease some anxieties?I am a newbie to all of this thanks j b

Let me suggest some comments as a full denture user on some of your questions. <br />
<br />
I firmly believe dentist espouse us to keep our teeth but then price us out of doing such. In my area, a crown runs from $1,000 to $1,500 while I received full dentures for $2,500. Cost to benefit means dentures win.<br />
<br />
Yes, the fit is partially controlled by the dentist but you control that by telling him in detail what you need. I honestly can say, after the adjustment period, I eat everything I previously ate with natural teeth. By bit size may be smaller or I shear off a hot dog to one side but I eat and enjoy!<br />
<br />
I must admit you will see some facial change. Is it enough to stop you from getting dentures? In my opinion, NO! The slight change I see when the dentures are in seem to be more apparent to me than what others see. If you take the dentures out, by all means you look different but I'm not sure you call that aging; you face will appear hollow.<br />
<br />
Bottom line, my arriving at the use of dentures far out weighs any negatives. I could only look back to ask why the dental profession kept me from this for so long......nomoreteeth

I am more confused then I ever was on this decision? What are the approx. ages of you all? I'm 49 and considering them at least on top, The repair is too costly. I had a partial made for the back upper teeth but I did not like seeing that clip around my teeth. Also, I could not talk with it. I do not think I had a good dentist. He kind of acted like a jerk after I told him I was not about to spend $600 a cap to fix each one. It never fit good since the 2nd I had them in my mouth and he was annoyed when I asked him to help. It seems the key here is a good denturist, A good fit. You can or can't eat steak! You can kiss or you can't kiss and are you able to sleep with them? I am single and I hope not to be forever. Does everyone notice their face aging???<br />
Thank you RS

I recently got a full upper denture, and a lower partial denture. If i had the choice to do it over again i would definately try to save as many as my teeth as i could and go with a partial rather than a full denture!

I had an immediate denture, had all my teeth pulled and then a denture put in right away, first day was complete agony, i gagged constantly till they fell out of my mouth. Went back to the denture clinic where they cut off some of the palate portion which seemed to help a bit but not much. Went back the next day where they shaved off more of the palate. I am now able to keep them in my mouth longer, but have difficulty with swallowing and can not eat at all them with in my mouth and have to remove them just to eat (due to not being able to swallow) Everytime i try i gag. I am not able to talk (although better than the first day) shaving off some of the pink acrylic helped but alot more needs to go if i am going to be able to talk!

I know there is people out there that have had really good experiences and others that have had really bad ones. I guess everyone is different all i would recommend is ASK A LOT of questions before going through with it!!! If you have a over sensitive gag reflux make sure you let them know. I find they tend to leave way too much acrylic on the upper palate part. With natural teeth you are able run your tongue along the inside of your teeth and feel all of your teeth....with a denture they only have a very small portion maybe a mm of the teeth which is NOT normal! there for making talking, eating, swallowing very difficult.

I have not had them long enough to say it is a good thing or bad thing yet....but i would definately ask a lot of questions before going through with it.

biggest mistake I ever made. My teeth were broken and decayed, but no pain and could eat what I wanted. after several years of my wife and mother telling me to get my teeth done I did it. I had all of the upper teeth pulled and a new denture the same day. Gagging was a problem from the start so they made them shorter not much help. Could not keep them from falling out and eating even soft food was a problem had them relined several time and they would not stay tight long enough to leave the office. After about seven months of no success I was referred to a dental prosthiesist and started over again. This will stay in a little better but eating is still a big problem. Front teeth are very short and dull so I can't bite any thing A firm cookie hits the plat before the teeth will break it so I have to twist it to break it off. Soft foods like a tuna sandwich is not better, need to bite and tear with my hand. Food gets wedged around the top of the teeth and can't get my tongue up there to get it out. I must drink a lot of liquid to rinse it out and swallow while I eat. this rinsing make the teeth come loose and now I have food on the top of the plate which is a real disaster. These are so bad that I cancelled having the lower teeth done because they are more trouble than the top ones to hold in. The good thing is that after a year and a half I have lost about thirty five pounds.

i have had dentures on the top since i am 24 no regrets here. <br />
My husband needs to do something about his teeth...hereditary lousy teeth run in his family! He also is a really bad grinder we've just learned...has ground some teeth to nubs! Had some teeth pulled a couple years ago in prep for a bridge, but was never able to get bridge because lost dental insurance right after teeth were pulled! We looked at implants...but price is awful. Wondering about dentures...what's a reasonable price range for decent ones? Question too...if teeth are pulled...then have to wait to be able to wear 'temporary denture'...what do you do in the meantime? how do you eat? talk? He works fulltime, and not sure he'd be able to do his job if couldn't talk! (aside from it being embarrassing to have no teeth?) Also...anyone out there ever had to have excess 'gum' type tissue surgically removed from palate near gums to allow for seating of dentures? He's been told he has areas of excess tissue that would need to be removed before he could be fitted for dentures,etc. ??? anyone know anything about this kind of thing? Just GOT to do something for the man!! Need help and advice!

Three years ago, I made the terrible mistake of getting all my teeth extracted and getting dentures. I'm very unhappy. I should have just got my teeth fixed. If you wear dentures you're stuck with denture breath for life! If you kiss anybody, they will never want you to kiss them again. Your saliva cleanses your mouth but your body knows your dentures are a foreign ob<x>ject & does not cleanse them. Also, your face will age drastically because your body believes you no longer need your jaw bones. Your jaw bones disintegrate rapidly after getting your teeth extracted. People who know you will not notice much of a change but if you're trying to meet new people you will come across to them as old and unattractive. The bottom third of your face collapses. Your face gets uglier and uglier as you lose more and more of your jawbone. You will look very old, very quickly. THIS HAPPENS TO EVERYONE WHO HAS ALL THEIR TEETH EXTRACTED. I would give anything to have my old teeth back. They weren't that bad. I have destroyed my life by having all my teeth removed.

I had to have my teeth removed 12 years ago, when I was just 28. I do remember feeling that same way, but I can tell you it does get better. I am so sorry that you are going through such a hard time. I too wish that things had gone another way, and that I still had my own teeth, but you can adjust. Your breath can be fresh as long as you are caring for them properly. Your jaw bone does shrink, but not so bad that you look sunken. The only time that is really a problem is when your not wearing a denture. People always tell me how young I look, and that they cannot believe that I have a teenager. I wish you well, and hope that things have improved for you.

Three years ago, I made the terrible mistake of getting all my teeth extracted and getting dentures. I'm very unhappy. I should have just got my teeth fixed. If you wear dentures you're stuck with denture breath for life! If you kiss anybody, they will never want you to kiss them again. Your saliva cleanses your mouth but your body knows your dentures are a foreign ob<x>ject & does not cleanse them. Also, your face will age drastically because your body believes you no longer need your jaw bones. Your jaw bones disintegrate rapidly after getting your teeth extracted. People who know you will not notice much of a change but if you're trying to meet new people you will come across to them as old and unattractive. The bottom third of your face collapses. Your face gets uglier and uglier as you lose more and more of your jawbone. You will look very old, very quickly. THIS HAPPENS TO EVERYONE WHO HAS ALL THEIR TEETH EXTRACTED. I would give anything to have my old teeth back. They weren't that bad. I have destroyed my life by having all my teeth removed.

Maybe you just had bad experience, my husband had his done and he looks the same and my mom had hers done and I think she actually looks younger, different for everyone

Many postings refer to bad habits, poor hygene, etc. This is not my case, I have diabetes that require daily injections. This can have a serious affect on the eyes, feet, soles of feet of which I endure, however it is destroying my teeth. All fillings have fallen out, cracks, chips and etc. All have suggested full dentures as the only solution. Very concerned about the side effects and I love steak.

I am seriously concidering dentures and have found this forum very helpful. I have a history of 23 root canals and 2 apical surgeries. If I don't see the dentist or endodontist for a few months I feel fortunate. I have a 6 tooth permanent bridge on my top front teeth that I paid a pretty penny for 2 years ago. I have caps on most of the remaining teeth that have had root canals. Now one of my top teeth caps is not fitting well and has come off twice in the last 3 months. I have a lower tooth that had a root canal and a cap that has broke off at the gumline. My dentist is recommending an implant. I'm still paying off all the work I had 2 years ago! I have always had good dental hygene and taken care of my teeth. When I state that something must be wrong with me to have so many root canals, my dentist and specialist just say I got the bad luck of the drawl. Before I spend more money that I don't have on an implant I just want to know when enough is enough?????

Hi there,<br />
<br />
I'm 46 years old and had my first root canal at 22. Since that time, I have had 9 more.($$) I have a bridge on the top, a partial on the top and a partial on the bottom.($$) I now have two abscesses on two bottom teeth that already had root canals. I'm on antibiotics and see the dentist in two more days.<br />
I'm really afraid that he is going to tell me that he can't save those teeth. I'm seriously considering dentures. Between my dentist and all of the "specialists" that I have seen, I probably have spent enough money to buy a small house!!! <br />

Hi Bean

Just read what you said about your dentist and all of the "specialists" I had a full set of immediate dentures fitted on Friday [3 days ago] and I have to say it was the best thing I have done. I spent enough to buy a small house over the years paying "the specialists" but I would say just dooooo it. My confidence is high compared to how I have been for the last 4 years and my teeth look fantastic. I ffel alive again.

i was reading these comments i wanted to know pros and cons as well. i have bone lose in my mouth i have adrift on my upper 2 front teeth and the lower bottom teeth are loose my dentist suggested for me to get a full denture on top and a partial on the bottom my biggest concern is that i work in retail and i have to be able to talk to customers and for them to be able to understand me after reading all this comments most of them seem to be good experience i might have to jsut do it sooner than i expected due to im scared that all that gum decease may end up killing me by going to my heart thank you BELLA

As everything in life, there can be exceptions. Maybe I am an exception since I believe having my teeth removed and using dentures is one of the best decisions I ever made! From removing any pain associated with natural teeth, to having a perfect smile and eating anything I want, using dentures has been perfect. Have your teeth removed early before bone loss and the fit will be good for your detures. And don't believe all the negative comments your dentist might suggest; as I say, I may be an exception but dentures really work for me.

Hi all,<br />
Just new to this thread but want to comment on my positive experience of having full dentures. As some have mentioned, having dentures is not perfect but is surely is better than the poor appearance and pain suffered with imperfect natural teeth. Having my dentures now for 8 months, I ask myself how I ever functioned without them. Yes, they may move some but I eat everything. Talk with no problem and most of all remove them easily to clean with no time consuming requirement to brush and floss. At night their out, in the cleaning solution and a gargle in 1 minute! My smile and confidence is much better. It may be wrong to say but I feel anyone who has any dental problem should consider dentures rather then all the expense of crowns / caps / fillings etc. Dentures have been good to me and they can be good to you!<br />
<br />

Sorry to hear that cookiep13. Is it just a matter of them not fitting well? If they are lined properly and have a decent denture adhesive (I happen to love Fixodent with Scope), you should have no problems what so ever. I talk and eat so much better with my denture than I did before.<br />
<br />
I can bite into anything without them slipping or moving. Do yourself a favor and order a reline kit, they are super cheap and make all the difference in the world. I refuse to pay hundreds of dollars for something I can do myself.<br />
<br />
Dentures can be a nightmare if they are ill fitting..... I hope it gets better for you soon.

Getting dentures was the biggest mistake I ever made in my life. I wouldn't wish them on my worst enemy, Can't eat, can't talk constant discomfort, I hate them.

I have commented on a lot of the teeth and denture stories here, my experience with my denture has been wonderful. I only have an upper and almost all of my natural lower teeth so I cant comment on how a lower would feel.<br />
<br />
They need to be lined properly because all kinds of things can get underneath them, my denture fits so well after being relined (by myself), it will stay in with suction only. I still put a small film of adhesive on it to lock it in place, but it doesnt move at all while I eat. I can bite into anything with my front teeth with no issues.<br />
<br />
I know a lot of people have trouble with dentures but a snug fit is everything....... yes there is some pain for the first couple weeks and you will be questioning your decision, but after a while you don't even notice them anymore.<br />
<br />
I was talking fine the same day, and a bit differently because I could pronounce S's and Th's and actually show my teeth instead of trying to hide them. You find yourself a little worried to smile, even though your teeth are now perfect because you are so trained not to.<br />
<br />
Best decision I ever made.........

Hi I got full dentures before being 19 and now I love them. Its of course not as healthy natural teeth but way, way better than bad teeth. Of course I can feel them move very slightly when eating, but ts not that much that people can see. They are just something placed on top of the gums . I have told myself that I do not want to use glue and my dentist she told me that if I can learn to use the muscles in nt use adhesives it gives a very good self esteem with dentures. I try and it is successful even with dentures that are looser due to shrinking.<br />
I have had friends asking me about having dentures and I answer that it is far far better than I had anticipated and would do it over again. The only drawback is the social aspect that people normally find it unacceptable having dentures in younger age.I think that some dentist let patients wait so long till it is defficult to fit dentures. My dentist is the opposite and she say its better to accept a situation that cannot be better and pull the teeth when the gums will be good

thanks Maria. i really appreciate your comments. i will be interested in hearing from you after a few months - how they fit, problems eating, or keeping them in place....etc <br />
thanks again

question for newsmile.. I'm talking to a dentist about the dentures with the implants.. seem really expensive.. did you find that and went ahead or should I shop another dentist who doesn't need another piece of equipment bought by the next guy thru the door..

Thanks, Sweety!<br />
<br />
(just couldn't resist...)

It takes alot of time to eart with dentures. My dentist says it really takes a year to chew and bite on the sides.<br />
But you have to go on your own risk factors. So you do not choke to death. Cofee or water, You have to learn to sip through a straw first untill. You can learn to swallow agin. It might have a hockey mouth puck. When you first put your teeth in in. After awhile your jaw and yor gums might be sore after the first 24 hrs. Most people have a reaction like I,cant talk right. You have to learn how to speak again with a couple of words each day. Try to read a magzine and try talk with the dentures in them. Your jaw bone may tighten up on the bottom if you do not wear them for a long time you may posible get lock jaw pain in the gums. Than you have to seek the dentist than. Keep your mouth clean with mouth wash after each meal, It prevents bacteria in the mouth. Keep dentures clean over night in a box. Do not let them dry out. It shrinks the teeth,, Have nice day. Sweety 4227!!

Hi MikeBob!<br />
<br />
Thanx for your response! I replied to Sweety4227's comment/story, you may be interested in reading it.<br />
<br />
I will be glad to keep you posted in the coming months. For now I am trying new stuff. Last night I had chicken and rice and handled it okay. My one problem is that I usually have to take a break while I am eating, as if its a chore almost! But I am dealing with it. Usually I eat small bits of stuff at a time several times a day. I still have not tried raw fruits or veggies yet. I tried one, yes one, potato chip the other day and it was like "Owie!" So I may not be ready for that yet. I have a friend who has a full set of dentures and he can eat anything! Even peanuts! When he told me this I was glad to know evetually I will be back to normal...<br />
<br />
Thanx again for your response. As far as the cost of all of this, I had to sell one of my prized antiques to pay for this! So understand your concerns as far as the cost. The dentist at this clinic I went to is not the most personable and I felt his staff was immature and unprofessional, but I am very happy with the fit of these dentures/partial!<br />
<br />
Talk soon!<br />

I,think every one has a problem with dentures. I,am proud to have my teeth. I,can chew anything. I,was thinking people went to the wrong dentist to pay for the expensive mouth treatment. My speech is normal with teeth or with out teeth is still the same.My apperence with the new teeth I,look younger. My dentist went through all the steps with me from pulling the teeth and to makeing them.

UPDATE:<br />
<br />
I got a lower partial with 5 teeth. It doesn't prevent me from eating anything, but food constantly gets under it requiring constant cleaning etc. I do remove it when eating things like granola cereal, however, because small pieces get under it and then every bite HURTS! But I have to remember to put it back in because it includes all 4 front teeth, and it affects my appearance (and speech) significantly!<br />
<br />
I am only missing 1 upper (an eyetooth) and had an implant put in, intending to put a crown on it. But in discussions with the dentist, and especially the surgeon, we determined that I will probably lose more top teeth – especially the front ones. When considering the cost of implants with crowns, I decided that I could not afford to do that to 10 more teeth! So I ended up keeping my ‘flipper’, which is a temporary tooth, for the missing eyetooth, thinking that when I lose more, I will get a partial. The implant that was put in can be used to hold the top partial. NOTE: My dentist, who made the flipper, tried to convince me that I should put the crown on right away ($ for him), because the flipper is supposed to only be temporary. But the surgeon said lots of people keep them for years, as long as it works!<br />
<br />
The flipper is most annoying! It covers the roof of my mouth and that affects my ability to taste and enjoy food. It is not very stable, so I have to be careful when I eat / chew. Like the bottom partial, I generally remove it when I eat anything with hard pieces (like granola cereal) because little hard bits get under it and cause pain. I also often remove it when I eat sandwiches, mainly so I can enjoy the food, but it makes it difficult to bite off a bite! And again, I have to remember to put it back in because it affects my appearance and speech greatly!

Spammyguy, thanks for your comments. I appreciate specific details. Please comment again after a few months and let me know what you can eat. My biggest fear is not being able to eat steak (ribs, hamburgers, etc) for the rest of my life! (I could use a good excuse to not eat chicken, however!)

Hi I saw your comment and felt obligated to reply. I know it has been awhile since you have posted this and am curious as to what you decided.<br />
My experience was this:<br />
I had peridontal disease with no hope of recovery. (I am 46) I had nearly all of my bottoms pulled about eight years ago and wore a partial since then. It was ill fitting and actually broke one of my real teeth in two! I had lots of trouble with food getting under it, bad odors etc.<br />
Last month I went to one of those "Affordable" denture clinincs. It was the most traumatic thing I have ever gone through! But in one day, yes, one day, I had 14 of my remaining 16 teeth extracted and a new partial on the bottom and a full denture on the top! They are very pretty and white and now my smile is quite impressive! (my self confidence was so low because of my smile)<br />
Total cost for this experience: $2775.00<br />
Downsides:<br />
The bottom partial fits very well and I have NO problems with the fit.<br />
The top denture also fits very well and I have no problem with it either. However I have lost my voice for a month now, with a constant case of diarehea (sp?) also from all the antibiotics I have taken. I have stopped the meds over two weeks ago but still go to the crapper quite a bit. My voice comes and goes and the hardest thing I have eaten was cold shrimp. I can bite into stuff, but so far, meat is out of the question. Like steak and chicken. But I can eat fish, forget eating anything raw for a while. Salads, veggies, chips, cookies, or anything crunchy is out of the question for now. But little by little I am trying new stuff and I can imagine in a few months I will be able to most anything.<br />
I highly recommend keeping your lower eye teeth if you can. These will help keep a lower partial in place. I have heard lower denture horror stories and opted to keep mine.<br />
<br />
All in all this has been a bad experience, but I am sure the end result is worth it. Would I do it again. Yes. To me the worse part was the making of the impressions. I kept gagging over and over, it took them five times to get it right. I was so aggravated over this I was ready to punch some one!<br />
Good luck to you!

Yeh I had some dentures made about 15 years back,I wore them for about three years,and decided to wear a droopy moustach instead,and leave the dentures in a draw..about six months back, i decided i'd had enough of the droopy moustache, so thought it would be fun to have a go at making my own dentures.After watching a few intructions on utube,and getting the materials on ebay..It became fairly obvious that the style of dentures and the Improvements in high impact acrylics, hadn't seemed to have reached a logical conclusion.I mean by that a modern hand made denture, should be a third of the weight and twice the strength of the ones made even ten years back.By analysing the denture from an engineering background,I came to the conclusion that if one used the super fixative powder...the first thing to go is most of the "uppers" pallet.The main thing with denture discomfort is the amount of plastic that ls behind the teeth.So the fist set that came off the mould to test the theory had a very small pallet, the second set even present i have a set of uppers with three location points,two at the back of the gums,and one at the front in that beak like bump behind the front long as the acrylic covers these three small points,the rest of the mouth is free and it almost feels like having your own natural teeth.The Raw material for the cost of an upper is about 10 dollars if you follow simple instructions and make them yourself,anyone who is handy can do it.

To Sharloten,
How interesting! Don't consider myself any to handy, but how hard is it to get the info on what you did?
This is a scary proposition for sure, I have tens of thousands invested in my mouth, looking at needing another root canal, and have been reading about how drilling causes root canals, and root canals cause all sorts of health problems. They say to pull all affected teeth, but I'm not sure how many I might have left...
Anyway, any info I could get would be appreciated.
And good luck to everyone going through this stuff!

Helo mikebob,<br />
<br />
I recently had all of my teeth extracted and got a set of dentures. They worked out well just using the glue but I decided to go the Implant route so I would no longer have to use the adhesives. I had 8 Implants placed and now I have a Implant retained removable denture. I am very happy and now I have the Hollywood smile I always dreamed of having! <br />
<br />
Here is a GREAT group to join for support and info:<br />
<br />
Dentures a new smile...<br />
General forum:<br />
<br />
Implant forum:<br />
<br />
Several pages of before and after photos:<br />
<br />
Good luck to you!