I Need Help!

I'm 33 and being faced with getting dentures. In the past month I have had 3 teeth go bad on me I have 10 teeth on top a total of 6 are good but I'm on blood thinners an they have taken a toll on my teeth an I have a feeling my teeth are just going to get worse an worse because I'm on the blood thinners for life. So I just think I should get the 10 teeth on top pulled an get a top denture so I don t have to keep going through the pain and wondering when the next tooth is going to go on me... Please tell me your thoughts!
jelene jelene
1 Response Sep 23, 2012

I a considering full mouth denture for myself too. However you are on blood thinner so I think the best advise for you is from your doctor. It is not about other people's experience and thoughts when you have other health issues to consider before haveing to get a procedure done. Good luck.