Divorce Decision

I had my first affair 3 years ago and have done very well keeping my extra activities from my husband and also keeping things in the proper perspective.  The affairs have been all about sex, I have managed to pretty well keep my head on straight and not fall in love.  Well I finally met someone I’ve fallen in love with.  We’ve become so close and so very intimate I supposee it was natural I had begun thinking about divorcing my husband.  Our relationship has escalated over the past few months and my affair partner recently proposed.  We plan to marry as soon as I divorce my husband.  I honestly feel no remorse and completely justified.  My husband has ignored me sexually for the last couple of years.  I’ve tried to sit him down  and discuss a divorce on a number of occasions but he always puts me off.  I’ve gone ahead and made an appointment with a lawyer.  I’ll bet he’ll sit down with me for a discussion once I tell him I’ve seen a lawyer. 

philldale philldale
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3 Responses Mar 13, 2010

If it doesn't last that's OK. I'm doing what I ultimately want to do and it feels so right for me.

Yes Philldale, dump your husband and marry your lover just as soon as your divorce is final. You two certainly deserve each other. Romantic? I think not. I would say cruel and heartless. You'll get your due. Just as becoming said it will occure to the new husband that you cheated with him, you'll cheat on him too. Of course the marriage will not last. But then that's not important is it? It will just mean another divorce for you. No big deal!

So did your husband do a double back flip when you announced you were ending the marriage and had seen a lawyer? I'll bet you finally did get his attention. I think you certainly made the right decision with regard to ending your marriage. However I think marrying your lover when the divorce is final is a mistake. As romantic as that sounds I think he'll be very jealous from the start. I'm afraid he'll have the belief that "You cheated with him, you'll cheat on him as well." I really think his jealousy will create problems from the start. I've seen it happens a number of times. I say wait about a possible marriage until things cool down a bit. You're experienced. You know your relationship will cool down eventually. Wait til things cool down a bit until making a final decision on a new marriage.