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     I am an 18 year old senior in high school. I am very strongly considering going to school and getting a degree so that I can open my own LEGAL brothel in Nevada. My family is conservative by NO means and I have talked to some of them about it. They don't tell me whether they believe it would be a good idea or not but they do support my goal. I would like to know from ANYONE out there what your thoughts on my goal are. I do understand that I will have to work for many years  to raise the money to open this business but I strongly believe that I could make it work. Once again ANY advice is good advice so please help me out.



AahShley AahShley
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5 Responses Mar 2, 2010

work in one first

Oh just that wish I could open a brothel, up market beautiful spa where people could indulge in the art that is sex. Surrounded by beautiful men and women and great food ....if only. I just need a rich bored sponsor :-) you dont know any rich bored sponsors with a manor house laying empty near London do you ....ummm

your welcome :)

Lol..Thanks for the help guys.

...yeah as long as its legal i guess, dont go out stealin no one