Ramble On

I was raised in many places. I was born in Santa Cruz, CA. I was raised in Boulder Creek (where I met my stepfather), for 6 years. Then my parents split up after never even being married. My mom ran off to "The Apartments" where I was raised for 2 years. Then my mother met my brother Sage's father Randy. We moved to "The Rez" I was then 8, I went to the school. I risked being shot whenever I walked home, when my mother had sage she left Randy (because of his drug issue). Then my mother and little baby sage, and I snuck away at 3:30 in the morning, My mom then attempted to drive back from "The Rez" to Santa Cruz, CA that is a 248 mile long trip. My mother and I made it halfway there until our truck broke down somewhere in Tahoe, my mother reluctantly called my stepfather to drive 124 miles to pick us up.... and he did. Then he drove us back for four hours, and I distinctly remember the sunrise I saw from my stepfather's Toyota Celica (my stepfather has always had a thing for Celica's, in fact at the moment he owns a 1978 black and gray celica supra) After that my mother moved in with her crazy mother, she actually put out a cigerate in my leg a I still have the scar. After that my mother met Adam (My sister's father Adam) then they supposedly fell in love (To be honest I hated the guy) My mother then finally left him and bought a crappy little house in Felton that is now redtagged we had a total slumlord, who screwed our sewage system up so badly that it killed a bird that lived in a cage above the sink. We constantly had sewage in our basement, it literally was 2 inches think of **** and whatever else was in it. Then before that like 2 years before that... I came home from school like every other day and my room in my mother's crazy mother's house was all packed up in plastic garbags bags, and my mother said to me "Save you're going to have to live with your stepfather" and I was a mix of all these emotions. I learned to accept it and ever since i've been living with my stepfather. My life is very confusing, my friends call me Save I don't want to reveal my full name for obvious reasons. Well that's a summed up story of my life... so far.
Methos4000 Methos4000
13-15, M
Feb 8, 2013