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I am a woman with a enormous necessity of sex, I always am thinking about it, almost every day I have sex with somebody men or women, sometimes I have had sex three or more times a day, and always want more, I use to ********** myself almost daily and some days when I am more horny I had ********** four or more times.

I really love to have sex always

Jennylou83 Jennylou83
26-30, F
27 Responses Jan 8, 2010

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I wish my wife was like u .....

i want to go down on u

me to i would like to go down on u

call me baby on 07729485898 im a man fit and love sex can not get enough i need your help

That's hot I love to **** ask day if I have a lady that can handle it.

Im lookin for sex and i give a realy grate blow job then i would let u **** me any kind of way and in all holes

Good girl

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You can have sex with me...

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let me indulge you.

Me too, I love to think and talk about it when I'm unable to be in the act and just dream of the day I can find a woman like you so there can be some real fun

Damn Jenny! I sure wish I lived close by!!

Yes, I can truly relate to what you say. I need release several times a day and wish I had a friend like you around here. We would both be very satisfied.

Oh, God! I understand..I'm exactly like you!

A lot of guys are kind of like this, but your story really resonates with me. I think about sex pretty much 18/7 (I sleep 6 hours /night). If I had the chance, I would be wrapped up in your arms at least once every day or so.<br />
<br />
And I love your picture as well.<br />
<br />

oh my god i am 14 and this site its awesome if some wants to go and **** me go for it i am virgen i hope some one can come and **** me i hope you wont care if you do it with a 14

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Jenny What's you emailaddress doll mine in snakehead@usa.com

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very difficult to get one with free mentality having this type of sexual fantasies..<br />
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I always have a hard one available here in the Midwest when you're ready.

Nothing wrong with that

you are the only lady on that site you are really lady, just email me to give you more than you know,<br />
i love u, and your way in the life.

I would love to help some of you ladies out!

....you and I sound alike...I have always been this way as well...I also have sex at least once a day...<br />
...lets chat sometime?<br />

my kind of woman

yuurs &amp; about 1,000 more :) lol