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There are so many things I could do. I have a car, no responsibilities, cable, some friends but everything I start gets really boring very quickly. I started reading 5 different books, but put them down within 2 minutes. Last night it got to a point where I was just staring at my downloads, watching the percent complete number change and the kB/s go up and down. I was so bored that I went and got a whole bunch of fattening food. I'm going crazy. It's true what they say: "Idle hands do the Devil's work." 
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I have never really enjoyed anything. All these years the only thing that has kept me busy is my relationships and drugs. Well I can't find any drugs that entertain me anymore. And the love of my life is hundreds of miles away. I'm not interested in doing anything, so I can't find a hobby. I am considering volunteer work, though, and recently I have been visiting the duck pond...

why are u constantly bored???<br />
that should never happen,<br />
maybe u dont sit down and think.<br />
well,wat i mean is,<br />
why don u sit down with a pen and a notebook,<br />
and write down things that u enjoy...<br />
o used to enjoy,<br />
flash back all those nice years.<br />
and think why suddenly have u become like this?<br />
i mean,i don think u were always like this?<br />
go get a new hobby?<br />
jog?<br />
or exercise<br />
walk a dog out?<br />
o anything<br />
but don let ur time watse jsut like that its waste...

I know what you mean. I occupy myself most of the time but it does seem mechanical sometimes, like I'm just performing tasks even though I should be enjoying them. I sometimes think of something and realize that would be a good thing to do when I'm bored. But I usually forget it as well. I should keep a little running tab of things to do when bored.