My Life Is a Bore...

I am so bored I get crazy sometimes.  I get pissed of when I wanna do something but I can't think of anything.  Does my singleness have to do with anything?  They said I need a boyfriend. But, is that really the solution?  I have had boyfriends but still, something is missing.  As much as I want to travel and do some adventure, I can't do that because it cost much.  What am I gonna do?  I am 28, single and me out here. =D
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Welcome to the club of single, bored, intelligent, over analyzing, possibly quirky, insomnia driven, reluctant adults. Open membership policy and no perks. Free dissatisfaction and annoyance guaranteed though.
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You need a challenge. You are bored because you are not reaching your full potential and receive no stimulation from your surroundings. I know because I was JUST like that. My response to my EXTREME boredom was to go to grad school, begin competitively training for triathlons, get a puppy, and start a business. Things are a lot better now, and I am MUCH happier. Go find your challenge and good luck!

I can not relate, to me boardroom is a choice of people who have no creativity. I can not ever remember being board, now pressed because I cannot find enough time to look at everything I want to look at, that is a different story. To my way of thinking you just have never decided to get excited about learning something, and then following where it takes you. I am 48, and I have been asking questions since I was 3. The more questions I find the answers to and "finish" because I have an answer, I usually find that in the pursuit of the question I end up with 2 or more questions for every one that I answer. You said that you liked the idea of travel, then why don't you pick a place you want to visit. Then research everything you can about that place, the languages, the history, the culture, the food, the fashion, the industry the economy. By the time you finish with that one project and actually answer all of the questions you will encounter in your quest I think you will have also found a cure for your problem of "being board" and probably eliminate the question from the rest of us, which is are you board because you are boring?

just a thought

Boredom is a relative aspect of our I , search of entertainment on the outside is an never ending job . Normally when your choose to work with your own mind , first there you will discover that nothing will ever be missing in your life.

go outside mornign one hour n evening one hour as a walk enjoy the natural beauty. statings<br />
you may feel bore but slowly u wil start loving the life"0


I mean right ok?

You have got to my a passport. Start a savings envelope<br />
put a little in it every week until you save money for a ticket to where every the money will get you. While you;re there take some pictures and shared them with us. I think I will start saving for the same thing.<br />
I get bored and write but how much more I would have to write about if I were more traveled. Life is about choices. So choose not to be bored you can always talk to us

you could join a gym volunteer theirs alot of volunteer work. My life is a bore too. It's like i have my things to do like play drums walk my dog go for bike rides. etc.. but, then i'm thinking now what? try doing the things you enjoy