I Am Constantly Craving Sex.

I always feel horny and have the urge to ***. I do about once per day, but during the week just before my period, I feel even more horny and I have to climax at least 3- 5 times per day. I have to admit, I enjoy it when my period is arriving. lol
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You might be the woman of my dreams; maybe I can make your's *** true too. Add me, ya? <3

Hot Hot Hot!

Why that would be something I could take off of your hands.....I would give you multiple nipple ******* where I kiss, suck, rub and tongue tease both nipples at the same time to rock hard erections and continue with you squirming in pleasure until you go into *******, then maybe 69 and you riding on top.....yummmmm

Thanks for the heart, if you liked my response, lets talk about the reality....message me

I like to f*** women when they're having their period. It's nice warm inside...

You are a wet dream inspiration!

That is the most difficult time since I am constantly thinking about sex.... I guess nature programmed us that way.. Pays hell when husband is out of town....

Please add me.

For what ?????????

Love stories. Would like to see your pics.

Thats when women get veryyy horny......mmmmmm

Good to know. ;-)

Good girl !! Enjoy your sexuality !!!

thats great megan! wish more people would enjoy themselves like that and not be so inhibited. pls add? thank you and have a great day

I could never understand a woman who didn't wish sex ALL month long. True pleasure is reserved for the truly adventurous.

Nice..... I ******* just about every day....I prefer to have a warm ***** wrapped around my **** though ;)

nice....I ******* just about every day. even if one of my **** buddies is coming over. I can't seem to get enough either ;)

My gf gets very horny before her period . her hormones are kicking in and she loves to have sex when she is pms ing . she says it takes the edge away and prevents cramping . a nice win win for both of us. i believe there are many physiological benefits to pre period sex and even sex during your period ! you are a very normal healthy sexy lady ! enjoy it babe !

No better way to start the day than a good O, post lunch is a great way to keep the juices flowing and a nightcap O is the best way to relax before bed. I could have sex multiple times a day and still be horny! Guess there are worse things to be addicted to!

That is very Special and ohh how I would enjoy the arrival of your period if I had the chance. You are Beautiful, Sweet, Sexy, Sensual, and Wonderfull. Thank you for being the Marvelous Lady that you are !!!!

I could always tell after I had been with a woman for a while when she was going to have her period because she gets so horny right before. I love it. You are not alone!

Sounds like you'd be a lot of fun to get to know just before your period!

Enjoy yourself, don't fight it. If you can use an extra hand let me know ;)

I completely understand. I could have an ****** everyday and it still not be enough.

Im glad Im not alone, cuz I was beginning to think that I was just over sexed.

I don't think that there is any such thing as being over sexed. How can you be over sexed, I don't know that there can be too much of a good thing.

Exactly. Oh I like how you think!!!

I know what you mean. I just had my third "O" and am going shoot for four. Something's making incredibly horned up today. It's such a natural high too.

It can be like a high....right?

Omg yes. It is such a great high!

Read my post hun. I understand!! xx

Im a man and the same thing happens to me!!!and period.

lol. sounds hot.

jesus! someone like you definitely needs to be taken care of or needs to take care of business lol. i guess it's true a woman's sexual peak is later in her life or when she is in her thirties. my God! it's only going to get worse!!!!

Well, I guess I have it to look forward to.

Do any girls ever feel like i do, or am I alone?

Whats going to happen in my forties?

Yeah, lots of women get extra horny at that time of the month.

I'd LOVE to help you **********, would you like to get observed as you are ************ ? Or would a helping hand be welcome ? I'd LOVE you to sit on my face and feed me your wet ***** and force me to lick it out as it pleases YOU, you control the strength of my licking, smearing your juices all over my cheeks, that would be so hot.