Two Times 'lovemaking' In One Night

My constant craving for 'Sex' is gradually increasing. And, I'm happy that my beloved 'wifey' is also enjoying & demanding me quite often in the night of our love-making day, though we prefer 'mating' once or twice a week.

Last night, it was pre-decided that we'll enjoy the 'intimacy' tonight though we've not told each other anything but we sensed by looking at each other's eyes, by the way of smiling, touching each other in front of others. Her every look....every smile was sending me indications that she requires my into her tonight. I think 'Pheromones' really works.Her every indication was giving me an electric wave & I was enjoying that.

Finally we came closer in our bed around 11 pm. Everyone had gone for a sleep. A small zero-watt blue night-lamp was on into our room.She wore a transparent, sexy 'Lingerie'.Her eyes were glittering in the darkness...lips were widely open....her adorable, round-shaped big breasts (48 DD) were clearly visible...nipples were semi-erected.She looked very......very..... Horny.We hugged each other...she whispered into my ears - " I love you". I murmured - " I love you, too".Then I took her lower lips into my lips & started sucking for an indefinite period...She hugged me tighter.She tasted so good. I grabbed her left breast with my right hand while kissing wildly & drinking her saliva.She moaned seductively. I started pressing her boobs...rubbing her areola n nipples.Her nipples became fully erected...and, her moaning was on the high-pitch.I lifted her up from the ground , took into my lap & slowly moved towards our bed.I placed her on the bed & again started kissing all over her lips..ear-lobe..neck, slowly started biting her ear-lobe.My hands were on her breasts, constantly rubbing & circling her fully erected nipples.Now, Wifey was moaning & also started kissing my lips, earlobe, my nipples & rubbing her face against my hairy chest.Soon, I started undressing her...slowly took out the upper part of Lingerie.Then removed her breast-cover & placed my mouth on her nipples...WOW...It's juicy, soft, fully erected & awesome to taste.I started sucking her breasts like a starving baby...went on sucking...licking...mumbling 'wildly' her breasts alternatively and her groaning was increasing with the time.I put my fingers into her ***** was overflowing with her love-fluid.I started rubbing her *****-lips....clitoris with my thumb & index fingers.She went wild by this time & forcefully pulled down my inner ware.She hold my fully erected penis into her palm & then, took into her mouth.She swallowed almost my full penis...then started licking & sucking wildly.She licked all my primary ***** ********** by this time....such a great 'Blow-job' she was performing.I realised, if I allow her to continue more, I will be bound to leave all my ***** into her mouth.So I pulled back my penis (almost forcefully) from her mouth and made her to lay back on her back (as 'Missionary style' is always my favourite) and sat between her legs.I made her legs wide apart..took a deep breath to get the 'fragrance' from her vagina, and put my mouth into her wet.....very very wet n slippery *****.What a awesome taste it was...unimaginable.I took a deep sip of her love-fluid.She started screaming by now...and (on her request), I placed my penis into her slippery *****.WOwwwww......I'm on cloud9. My penis glided deep inside her & she was groaning...I completely surrendered myself into her & she absorbed me deep...deeper.And, after few more deep strokes, finally I poured my all fluid into her & she also reached to her climax.I didn't use any 'condom', as it was her 'safe-period'. I laid few moments on her chest....was gently kissing & fondling her breasts..nipples....and lastly we made a passionate kiss.Then I thought - it's over...

But...OMG!!! my queen again (say after 20 minutes).... started rubbing her face on my chest & looking for my penis.She hold my penis & gently started playing with that....after few seconds, she took my penis into her mouth & started licking my penis head.With her lips, she pulled my penis foreskin & made circling on the head. Me too started responding to her demand.......and again we had more lustful, erotic & wild sex for the second time......
indikamasutra indikamasutra
31-35, M
Nov 26, 2012