I Need You

When you see the need in my eyes...you know the need I have...

You pull me into your arms

Squeeze me close

Whisper in my ear that you need me too

Press your growing need into my hip

Holding me there

Listening to my breathing getting faster

Feeling my body getting warmer

You kiss me deeply

Look into my eyes

Ask me if I want this

I softly say...yes
BrighterThantheSun BrighterThantheSun
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15 Responses Dec 5, 2012

Mmmmm, I want it too!!!!!!

Very nice, would love to show you how I would please a sexual appetite like yours

This is tender.

And tasty. Nice write.

very beautiful words from a beautiful lady of heart

I love the ay you write......my mind drifts to wonderful places with you...thank you

beautiful expression. You are a talented lady.

Thank you :) but not talented just had a nice thought one day and shared it. One day I'll have that need filled...every day...maybe

I need you too, kiss, do you want this? how'd i do?

Oh, how I would love to merge my body with yours, so you can feel my racing-pulse through my manhood as it is deep inside you! As our bodies intertwine, the vision of your chest heaving with your fevered breathing, breasts rising and falling in a sweet, quick rhythm, it adds to my arousal, as I stroke in and out of your body, striving to stimulate your every sense! The experience of your raw sexuality is so intense, you bring me to ****** quickly, and I leave my seed deep inside you. But as we lie there together, you quickly realize that I am NOT like your husband... I do NOT lose interest after my ******, but we just enter the next phase of sensual play...

very nice.


Nice! Keep going more!

Moving and very touching - nice words
Love it - well written


love the verbs! need, press, pull, squeeze, whisper, feel, hold, kiss, look, say

wow! love the romantic feeling you explain! worth trying even if in imagination

Fabulous sweetie