I'm Not An Alcoholic.

i'm just a college student. i know this is where everyone says it all starts, but common, just because i binge drink most nights of the week and day drink on the other days doesn't mean i have a problem.

i feel i am still a functioning part of society. i work, i go to school, i volunteer, i donate. i feel like i do more than most people that don't drink. it's like everyone has this skewed perception of alcoholism is and i think it's when you think you cannot live without being drunk all of the time. not "binge drinking 5 times a month" or whatever the 'textbook' definition is.

i think i can live, i just choose to drink. college is more fun that way and if it's not interfering with class or work then why can't i be constantly drunk?
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1 Response Jun 28, 2007

babe hate to tell ya but your fooling yourself I AM A DRUNK don't need it all the time at all whenever i'm around it i binge just like i did in college i started in high school it sky rocketed in college i got my degree since then i don't drink every day i drink about oh once or twice a month now but when i do it is to get wrecked i mean just shattered so keep telling yourself that i drank every single day while i was in college then to today got put in detox 4 times so embarassing but true last time was 2 years ago i couldn't stand up at a bar just stop now its seriously not worth it yes its fabulous fun acting stupid sleeping around and making memories but ya know seriously i regret drinking BE SAFE