Huntress-the Hunt Resumes....

Starving and wounded,
Gaunt, slow, and lean,
No longer feared,
This killing machine.

Eyes are dull and sunken,
Lost their bright light,
Dull and pathetic,
Not lovely this sight...

Slinking and furtive,
Nasty and dull,
From this cruel world,
This Huntress does call.

You came too near,
Up to my abode,
Your fortune's been set,
Your fortune's been told!

No where to run-
No place to roam:
Wolf's gonna die,
So far from home!

Skinned and hung high,
Stretched out and damp,
Huntress is smiling,
Alone in her camp.

(To that wolf who continues
to come too close! This is
your fate! Do not come again.)

The Huntress.
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2 Responses May 20, 2012

Sounds like Little Red Riding Hood grew up!<br />
Artemis of woods and game keeps track.<br />
Gaunt, the dull eyed wolf too aged to sup,<br />
beyond the hunt, cast out by pack,<br />
now finds the quick axe mercy.

You write great poems.