She doesn't like my tattoos.

She doesn't like my nipple piercings.

She doesn't liked how little I wear.

She doesn't like my girlfriends.

It's a struggle, because I really love my Mum!
DearbhalC95 DearbhalC95
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Haha she doesn't like those things because they turn you into a sexual object and she's afraid that you'll end up getting hurt because of them.

That bites her mum should trust her

It's not about trust, it's worrying that people will treat her in certain ways because of her choices.

I know but we all have to live our own lives without feeling like we let others down

That's true, but she's not letting her mother down, she's making her worry.

I guess my mom worrys about me

I could believe that. That's what parents tend to do.


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Thats mums for ya