I'll Go First

I'll go first:

I have a pretty happy life. Good family, good job, working towards a degree.  I still can't shake the mistakes I've made, though.  I didn't have a traumatic childhood.  I just have always made bad decisions, not that most people know they ever happened.  I lie so much anymore that I don't know who I really am at times.  I make myself be whoever I think I'm supposed to be at that given time.  I don't know if the things I've done were mistakes, or the right thing.
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2 Responses Jan 19, 2013

You have not elaborated on what your mistakes were, but all of us inevitably make them... in the end we need to forgive ourselves and realize that they too are a part of who we are! Someone once remarked that failure should be our teacher, not our undertaker. So embrace both the light and dark sides of your personality, and you will be at peace.

aw, like what? do you sometimes feel like you are on the fringe or your own life~an outsider looking in? it's just so good that it is meant to end soon?