How Silly Of Me...

I'm looking forward to this year of school.
I mean,it's culinary school!
I remember someone asking me.
."what are you gonna do?"

I didn't know...I just threw out..

"I'm gonna go to culinary school."

That was that 1st year of High School. I didn't really think about my future.
I remember graduation,sitting at the ceremony,thinking...

"um,what am I really going to do..?"

Shortly after,I was working a good job,and naively thinking

"I'll be happy just working here".

I was working on a Marine Base,at one of the  chow halls.(Food Service)

YEAH,that's what I thought was "bliss"...


Fast forward 3 years,still working...I knew that wasn't going to be enough.
I was watching my friends leave the town,go off to their ideal careers,and I was still there......working.

Then I remembered,I might possibly,sorta,could go to Culinary School.

That's when everything took off,I was then promoted to cook,working crazy hours.
I didn't even apply or anything,all I did was ask about the cook position.
Then,landed a second job as cook for Sizzler,I was 20.

Two jobs,learning the trade,gaining experience...but,still...knew that I needed school.


3 years later...I'm going to Culinary School,graduating soon,then really,I'll be doing what I love.

I'm happy,but for some reason,I still feel a void.
It's not one of those voids that affects your daily life.
Just one that pops up during certain random occasions.

When you have just enough time to yourself,sitting enjoying a meal between work hours, or maybe when your out with friends and the conversation switches places to move to.

"San Francisco"

....that's when you remember.
this particular girl.
whom you never got closure with.

"San Francisco".....

"that's where she is...going to fashion school,doing what she said she wanted,and all the while you were together...she had talked about making it big a chef and clothing designer,and you believed her,because she made you feel like you were capable of achieving......the world."

how silly.

Ouroboros21 Ouroboros21
22-25, M
Aug 4, 2010