Sometimes Good Things Happen.

When I was about 17 or so my little sisters best friend lived next door to me. They were both in high school together and her friend became pregnant with twins at age 16. They were of Mexican/ Catholic culture and her friend had to go to a home where she had the twins. I remembered when this girl returned home she was very sad and cried for a few weeks obviously at the loss of her twin daughters.

Some 20 years later I was working at a flooring store when a young lady came in, about 20 years old, to purchase some tile. I went with her back to her home so I could measure up the space and give her an estimate. All the while at every laugh she gave every mannerism completely reminded me of my sisters high school friend.

I couldn't help but to tell this lady about this friend in my past whom had given up her babies. One thing led to another and we discovered that this lady I was selling this floor too was one of the twins and all were shortly thereafter reunited.

Sowhen we wonder what our purpose is...maybe its lots of things......
misselliev misselliev
51-55, F
Dec 6, 2012