I find this hard to talk about but I am constantly wet down there. I suppose being a nympho could have somthing to do with it and untill today I thought that was my answer.

I recently found out it happens to alot of women. Doctors say if there is no gross or out of place smell then there is nothing wrong with you. Well isnt that great I am still very uncomfortable walking around with a wet puss all day and night... The docotors Ive been to agree there is nothing wrong and it is "normal" they recomend panty liners to solve my problem...

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Cyber police- Complaint received on cyber crime for using a spiritualist picture and name : <br />
<br />
Kindly know we have recieved a written complaint by the owner of the picture you have used in your profile. Your name too is fake and it represents another person who is spiritual. The complainant further has claimed damages and we will be taking strict action against you for using the picture and the name which is almost similar. Madam, in your own interest its better for you to write to the lady who has complained and delete the profile picture as well as the name. This is to be done immediately if not we will initiate legal action against you. A letter has been also written to the CCB too. Hope you understand the seriouslness of what you have got into.<br />
This is your first and last warning. Kindly do the needful.<br />
<br />
Sd/-<br />
Samant- ( Cyber police)

Perhaps you find yourself this way because you truly enjoy the sexual experience and the pleasure that it brings, whether with a lover or by your own hand.<br />
<br />
Relish this and enjoy every moment.