Lazy Slob Hubby

my hubby is a landscaper and i am a housewife. my man works hard everyday and trust me i dont envy the work he does. it can be brutal. he comes home all cut up and bruised from work. and i aknowledge that my job isnt near as hard as his is. so thats why i dont mind cleaning the house, doing laundry, cooking, caring for our animals etc. thats perfectly fine. but i am tired of picking up after him like i am his mommy and im sick of him being such a slob!! at home he does absolutely nothing and i mean nothing. the only thing he does at home is get up to go to the bathroom and he ******* about that! takes to much energy you know cause he has worked all day. he is to tired for sex, to tired to take a bath. i mean dude goes two monthes sometimes without bathing. and he has a garbage can right next to him in bed where he lies every moment he is at home yet he throws his dirty snot rags on the floor and i am the one who has to pick them up!! he is a total lazy slob at home and he wonders why i get annoyed. dont i have the right to be annoyed??
susie2375 susie2375
1 Response Dec 1, 2012

You have EVERY right to be annoyed, in my opinion. A housewife is one thing, a servant is another. He should respect you better than that!