Date Night

He took me out last night. He got off early, picked me up and took me shopping. I did my hair and makeup in the car. He serenaded and treated me like a queen- without manicured nails or a salon status hairstyle. We went and listened to jazz, we walked, went sightseeing, went to a salsa club and danced. The night was spent laughing and talking- just being intimate without our kids. He reminded me of the man I fell in love with, the man that I prayed for, the man that I married. We bared our souls to each other and just enjoyed each others' company.
We are working on our marriage and things are getting better. When things are hard we are honest with each other. Today is a great day; I am greatful for the peace that is in our home, in my heart, and there when things look "funny." Some people say that once a cheater, always a cheater...I'm glad that that isn't the truth for us. Not saying that the storm is over, but I am saying that I think we will come out of it with more than what we had when it hit. To have and to hold, for better and for worse, for sickness and in health until death do us part. Two and a half months sober and counting!
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