Toileting Time Is Tradgic

I have irritable bowel syndrome ...constipation and then loose bowel

its so bad. 

I often have to pull the poo out of my butt with my fingers ... its been that way for the last 10 years since the date rape

I get fissures and bleeding and its painful

the constipation has been bad in the last 10 years with weird bowel problems

since he anally raped me

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36-40, F
3 Responses May 13, 2012

I hope you talk to your doctor about this or something, sounds like hell. I hope it gets better.

yes it great eating .<br />
<br />
here are a few **** that you should know.<br />
<br />
1. Avoid all items that are full of SODIUM (5% or less on the label)which when it reaches your stomach build up acids that increase the craving to eat more and build bad acids in your large intestine.<br />
<br />
2. the best items to eat are the made to order meals....where you pick the items that are prepared for you right away.<br />
<br />
3. when the chef prepares it, tell him/her....NO SALT...add when you start eating.<br />
<br />
4. eat more fish/chicken/veggie and FRUITS....<br />
<br />
5. drink warm tea after each round<br />
<br />
6. MOST IMPORTANT TELL yourself...the size of your heart is equal to the size of your will a small engine in a big car move...yes for a short while but soon it will I hope you get my approach

often the poo is hard little stones that are hard to pass or feel too big as in long to pass... <br />
<br />
<br />
I sick with it as well.

i have this toxx