I can't stop thinking about my ex...
It's making me feel lonely even though I am very happy with the man i am with now.
But with my ex...maybe because of him being 30 at the time I was dating him...but I felt more like a wife than a girlfriend at times..and we were planning a family...when he was having a good day, he was such an amazing guy... But most of the time he was a grumpy verbally abusive man. I miss the good times I had with him...I'm even starting to miss the sound of his voice and the way we were together in bed.
My current boyfriend definitely seems to be holding on to some memories as well..someone who he proposed to...and I feel like I will never be able to really have his heart...I'm not sure of all that happened, but it seemed like they were perfect for each other. I saw a picture of them together on this old phone of his he had to use temperarily. They looked like they were meant to be. He got so stressed out seeing that picture and was worried I would be mad.. I was sad. The look on his face when he saw that picture, he was truly in pain. And I even saw some old messages we sent to each other when we first realized we liked each other.. I wanted to cry. It was painful reading them again.
I'm confused with what I want and why I think of the past... I don't know what to do
bribri590 bribri590
22-25, F
Aug 25, 2014