I Am Going To Commit Suicide Tomorrow.....

I know I shouldn't be announcing it like this, but I wanted to get some sort of reaction before I do it. My house is going to be repossessed in four weeks, and I am in debt up to my neck. My husband is out of work and I fear he values the house more than me. My company has great life assurance, so he will be able to pay the mortgage off, and have money to pay anything else outstanding. I have a lot of anti depressants, so I am going to bring them to work tomorrow, then at lunchtime I am going to go out for a walk and find somewhere quiet and secluded and take them all. It's the only thing that has made any sense in my life for months.

I would like to thank all my friends on EP for keeping my mind occupied in times of desperation, they know who they are.

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if you are in the uk , hit me up , i have been exactly where you are , you can come out of this , message me and i will help you

I see you are still here.<br />
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I do hope you are continuing to evaluate life; yes it is a choice, but as I know, there are many options. I can only make this thin, temporary, one-sided connection, but please say something here - an update, something good that happened (maybe because of your statement) or what is still an issue.

Are you in UK if you are talk to citizen advice about selling your house to housing association as some will buy you property and allow you to stay in home but rent it from them.However if your marraige is failing then also talk to them about what options you have to find alternative accomodation.Suicide is the easy way out and most insurances will not pay out if suicide is cause of death.I worked in industry so know

To think of suicide is normal OK. You arenot alone in considering this. I tried to take my own life, I made sure I was alone. Same as you antidepressants and alcohol. Well God didnot want, it was just not my time. I woke up, surrounded by LOVE. I forgot in my trouble about all the people who love me. Not my husband, but family, extended family and really good close friends.<br />
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I had just had enough, I didnot want to wake up, but I did. But at that time I had held so much inside.<br />
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What is hard now, is facing all the people who truly LOVE me and who were willing to help, only I didnot ASK. <br />
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It is tough, the same problems are there, only if I tried to do it again, I now know how many people would miss me and be hurt by my actions.<br />
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Hope you read this before you take action. At the time, no one could have talked me out of it, but I never TOLD anyone, I pray this is a cry for help.

Sara,<br />
I hope that you will contact me. I went through a similar situation a few years ago and I really wish that we could chat. <br />

Actually they will pay as long as you weren't suicidal at the time the policy was taken out. and I guess it is that bad, otherwise I wouldn't have written it down.<br />
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Thanks for your comments anywayXX.

Yikes, are you serious? Let me know if you want to talk about it. Surely nothing is as bad as that!<br />
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And as for life insurance, they probably won't pay if it's a suicide. So that's not really going to work.