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August 28/ 2011
Here in Penticton, Canada holds the Subaru Iron man Triathlon every year we get more athletes that compete here.
Don't know whats up here if it is the catering or the wonderful environment to show a good event.

This year we have a number of people here from C.A. since EP is based in San Francisco I want to welcome
all the athletes below in the list I have made up from this years registration. Hope I got it right and if I missed
someone forgive me don't like leave anyone out.

No order just a names participating here:

David Shatz, Meredith Kessler, Vineet Mehta, Warren Holms, Joshusa Richman, Greg Cohn, Matt Kessler,
Victor Chang, KC Wu, Ryon Long, Don Ross, Victor Echevaria, Cersairio Calanoc lii, Chris Hendricks,
Brett Miller, Matthew Roghair, Troy Tazbuz, newto Gonac, Brian Phillips, Dennis Daus, Emmanuel Madrigal,
Patrick Mukvey, Joe Shantz, Joeseph Deloardo, Dae Ewart, Rob Grillmeyer, Luis Andarcia, Gerald Park,
Gregory Funk, Theadore Klaussen, Jamie Westcott, Howard Skebe, William Moliski, Peter Kacandes,
Stephe Fleming, James Duwik, Peter Bartelme, Kenneth Cleus, Anthony Ducomb, Ben Grib, Walter Lee,
Mary Gossel, Brianna Hoog, Lauren Baxter, Layren Skinner, Erin Romig, Molly Frost, Tracy Caughlin,Katya Black,
Jennifer Kremen, Heather Singerman, Kristy Newstrom,  Kathrine Williams, Lena Van Haren, Jenni Kirk,
Christine Vleck, Sara Strope, Ivy Wong, Heather Brien, Page Perry, Rachel Wadsworth, Faith Bolliger, Jennifer Zakroff,
Jasmine Barranti, Mari Miyashita, Renee Shaening, Jessica Kelly, Julia Prescott, Christine Moyle, Ann Thilges,
Mimmi Winsberg, Bita Sistani.

I don't what brings you here year after year but every year the number of people coming out from San Francisco grows.
Whether it's the show we put on the volunteers or just a great place to have an event like this.
Keep on coming and we will enjoy your company every time Thanks San Francisco.
All your families and friends that come to give you support right on! Have a great race, personal best for you all.  
thesower thesower
1 Response Aug 26, 2011

Heat high 30 and 12 miles into the wind on the run.<br />
Congadulations: <br />
Jordan Rapp ribbon finish. Penticton, B.C. 8:28:09<br />
Mary Beth Ellis 1st place Superior, Colorado, new record time 9:03:13 (old record 1990, 9:05:28)<br />
David Lee first paraplegic to complete Ironman 12:48:43<br />
4500 volunteers!.<br />
Sister Madana (Bruder) came in just over a minute after cutoff. Very emotional for an 81 year old.<br />
And that's a rap for Ironman 2011.