Three As One

My journey with my husband as we embrace his bisexulity and my inner feelings as a gay man trapped in a women's body...has been amazing, tremendous, heartbreaking, accepting and learning from our experiences.

We have learned from each other that what we both feel drawn to is completly sharing our lives with another man. My husband I want more than a casual relationship with someone for us it is something we feel could last a lifetime with the right person.

We are at the beginning of this once again, meeting people can be fun, joyous, endearing and yet we have not reached the point with anyone who truly connects to who we both are.

So the search continues and we are still discovering for ourselves if this is the course we are to take in life. Only time will tell. In a world of many different people, all unique to themselves, our hope is to find that one person who is meant to come into our lives.

Thank You for all your positive comments to my previous posting.

Falling Leaves
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Jul 11, 2010