I'm Related To A Polish Baron

When my dad had first met my mother, he told her that he was distantly related to a Polish Baron. My mom thought he was kidding. Years later in a letter my aunt told me that we were related to a Polish Baron. I asked my mom about this and she said that she had heard the story. I think that she never totally believed this story.

Unfortunately, I no longer have the letter nor do I have the name of the Baron. I know that the Baron's son and the landscaper's daughter got together and a male child was born. This male came to the US in 1800 and settled in what is Michigan and Indiana. This male married and had several children. His last name isn't my last name. I know that the Baron's last name had a ski at the end of it. Good luck in finding this.

I found out on royalty forums which is open to those interesting in royalty that a lot of Polish Royals gave titles to friends and others who weren't royal. I was told because of this, their royalty is watered down so to speak. Well, in our family's case this wasn't the case of the Baron giving a friend a title. Even if it's a drop, I have royal in my family.
nascarlucy nascarlucy
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Dec 1, 2012