I Just Found Out I Am Royal

Hi, I was adopted at the age of 5 and it has taken me years to piece my life together. In 1981 all alone in the world except for my wonderful husband and 3 children, I set out to look for my real mother. During my search I went to the address on my birth certificate and found it was a house on a large estate in Leicester. called Ratcliffe Hall. There my mother worked as a nurse to an old lady in a house on the estate. There she became pregnant. It was from there she was admitted to hospital to have me.

I found out from other estate workers that the owner one Tony Everard had been invalid out the Amy as a Captain with TB. I was tested for TB every 6 months until I was 16 years old. They also told me that a baby live in the big house and there were a lot of rumor's.

I just accepted he was my father and wrote to him, he rang me and I went to see him. He then lie to me so much about things I knew to be true. He dismissed me out of hand. hen his sister rang me to enforce his lies, but I was stronger with her and she told me the truth, but it was best I stayed away as he was not a nice person. So I did.

One year ago I received a letter from my mothers first husband from his death bed. He said he was there when this man Everard came in his fathers old Rolls Royce and with another woman and snatched me from my mother. I was 4 months old. He gave her money and promised to adopt me, give me the best education etc.

He and his mother Lady Cornellia Ione Kathleen Beresford Everard brought me up in the big house. But he gave me away at the age of 1 year to the most terrible foster parents. Eventually they managed to adopt me, The Everards paid for my upbringing until I was 12 in 1961. then because of financial problems they stopped. That's when my life went very wrong.

My dad is 88 now never married but will only talk to me through solicitors. I have researched the family now and find that I am the grand daughter of Sir Lindsay Everard and his wife Lady Everard is a Royal Stewart, and her grand father is Lord Haywarden and G G grand father of Lord Cornwallis.

I come down from the Earls of Bute direct line from James the 1st of Scotland, all the Stewart Kings and Queens are my Grand parents or cousins.I seem to be related to everyone. from Lady Diane and Winston Churchhill. My name given by my gran was Diana Catherine. and she always dressed me in Royal Stewart Tarten kilts, every year I got a new one.

I used to meet her once a month for high tea, its only now I have managed to get a picture of her that I realize who she was.

My dad was Lord Lieutenant of the County as is my cousin now. But nothing will come my way even thought they are worth 500 million.

I now have all the documents to prove it, as my dad a JP also had them hidden so I could not find them, but now I have them with thanks to Leicester Adoptions officers.

My father has done some bad things to keep me away from him, but all I want to know is Why take me away from a loving mother, only to give me away again. But he will not tell me. He never married and has no children, but my children are the image of him and his father, can't tell them app art.

So James the !st was my Grand father so was Mary Queen of Scots my Auntie. My cousin is the Queen of England and the Queen Mum was married to an Uncle of mine.

So I am Royal, I now understand myself a lot more, but it makes no difference to the real me,,,, or does it???

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wow very interesting story, i hope your recover things that is rightfully yours, you suffered a lot like cinderella in the hands of her wicked step sister. wishing you best and happines to your family.

Cool! That makes us cousins through the Stuart line. I have been doing my family tree and found ou that I am indirectly descended from the Royal Stuarts - most likely an Illegitamite child, distantly to related to the Macdonalds of the Isles and directly descended from the last High O'Connor King of Ireland, through my Grandma. Also, I'm an exiled noble from France through my Grandpa, apparently from the French Revolution.

Wow that's an interesting story. Honestly I think it would make a great read, you should consider writing a book.