Affected.....or Infected?

Anixety, only 20. Overweight (not by much) and madly in love
What I mix I tell ya. It's been a long couple months. I just started taking Cipralex about a month ago. It's a lower dose. I worry, and worry and worry about every little and big thing.

To be honest with you it has affected my sleep, my health, my eating habit and my sex drive.
I'm young and vibrant and I should not have to worry about these kinds of things. But life isn't fair so we cope.

I worry about everything from money to work to dinner to my weight to any "ifs ands and buts"
this medication has dedinitely helped however I do plan to ween off when I start trying for children. If this is chemical, will having a baby make me level out and be normal (like my sister) or worse and most people.

My boyfriend and I both have baby fever like crazy but we have things we want to do first. How do I push this craving aside? Perhaps do some baby sitting for my sister and her 4 month old.
JillyBaby JillyBaby
18-21, F
Nov 29, 2012