I Said I Would Never Tell

I said id never tell but its been over a year now so here it is......I love to take float trips on the river by myself.....Last year in July i was on a 3 day float.....On the first night witch was a Friday as i was heading down river two ladys was fighting to get there tint up......Thay ask me if i would help.....Both looked very good and had on shorts and wet t shirts.....It was getting dark after i get this ladys set up for the night.....So one said way not just camp here......So i did.....After a lot to drink thay started to smoke there pot....I could smell the oil that thay have put on for the day and its was good.....Latter that night thay got to talking dirty and started to play.....As i looked at this two kiss i was getting hard.....Tops came off and thay started to kiss on each others **** i was loveing this......Thay was on a blankit and off came the shorts Both playing with there *****.....After a bit thay ask my what was that lump in my paints.....One took hold of my hand and the other pulled my 8.. **** out.....We sucked and ****** all night long It was all i could do not to ***......Both had very nice ******......As thay both where sucking my **** i could not hold off no more the head of my **** busted a big thick load of *** on both of this pretty ladys.......Thay then lick my load off each other as i wacthed ......I was ready for more but it was getting light out and thay said that there hubbys was going to pick them up at the next take out.....I did fell bad for a short time
1 Response Sep 10, 2012

<p>Lucky you! How hot is to find two horny wives for a camp night **** or suck ! :-) dc