Yoyr **** In My Mouth

My head against the smooth flesh Of your firm-soft belly, and your hand cupping it, your pants around your ankles, allowing me access to your manliest charms: don’t think I take this opportunity for granted; I hold it as a privilege and an honor to kneel before you, bowing before your **** and balls, I am willing servant, a slave, for whom to drink your salty seed Is glorification, for, in worshiping your hard flesh, I will be one with you, my Lord . My mouth wet with love for you, despite my dangling, useless **** and balls. My manhood, I surrender, my sex and gender as proof of my love for you. Your penis fills my fist; My lips part to slide And glide over the smooth column of flesh. My eyes are lowered, as it should be In your presence, bowing to the loveliness of your masculinity, enclosed in my manly love. I move my lips back and forth on the swollen rigidity of your glorious ****, kissing the purple crown Of its blue-blooded royalty, wanting you to want me, my Lord. The lust that swells your **** to bursting and makes your balls, swell in the rising scrotum; It tightens with your love and for my need for it
Your glans Is the crown and is the apetiser to be taken before the main course of your ***** from your **** and balls Thick and white, like melted pearls, Your mark, Your brand on me
urmila11 urmila11
1 Response Sep 16, 2012

wouldn't mind feeding you a little myself

i would love that