Preferably From Her...


But, such would entail that I travel 45 years back in time, learn French, and shed around 7-12 years so I wasn't such a decrepit old man when I met her.... Aw, if only.... but, one can dream.

Damn, France Gall was such a knock out. It was rather cruel what Gainsbourg did to her, but I can understand the temptation. She has the alluring combinatoin of innocence/naivete and sex appeal. Actually, much of her appeal is that she comes across as so "pure" and "sheltered".... yowza.

If Gainsbourg lost a chance at a relationship with her because of what he did, that was his loss. I guess "Les Sucettes" made him famous, but I would rather trade fame for a kiss from her any day.


France Gall = ★★★★★
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26-30, M
Jun 15, 2011