Tired Of The Turned Up Cheek

I am so tired of being presented with a cheek to kiss. I want, no I crave an honest to God kiss. One that turns into a hug with the promise of intimacy. Not necessarily sex but stopping to have a spontaneous quiet moment together. That intimate moment where you feed off of one anothers love to recharge after a horrible day.

I crave the kiss of my youth. The kind that didn't need a reason to be given nor did it need to have a time limit. The just walk up and give your lover a kiss till they melt in your arms kind of kiss. The kind that makes you forget what you were doing kind of kiss. Life is way too short to lose those types of kisses from your everyday life.

I so want to find a way to get those kind of kisses back into my life again. Trouble is it takes two to create that kind of magic, and they only flourish in a relationship filled with love. I do not want your posts of sadness for me. I post this as a cautionary tale to those who have let life get in the way of allowing those kind of kisses in their everyday lives. If you haven't walked up to your loved one lately and kissed them until they melted in your arms and forgot what they were doing you will wake up one day craving a kiss such as this as I do everyday  and then it is probably already to late for you..
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Fortunately I crave kisses every day. I also get those kisses. For me its like.... an addiction. I made the effort for some time and eventually it turned into something natural and effortless between us. I don't have to put out as much energy to get those kisses I crave every day because I know he knows I will get them any way. In a way I kind of trained that into our daily activity. I have a much older partner and we love each other very much we have children and kissing is that affection that I get when I know there are 12 little eyes on us. So what I'm saying is to get those kisses back in your life try working it into your every day life somehow. Sometimes you have to work to get what you need.

So true....

thank you.! my man friend will be coming over tonight...think i will give him a big, loving smootch right on his nice soft lips, hug him from my heart, then give him some dinner...yeah we all need to remember what our lips are made for!

And NEVER stop Luv.....It can keep the romance alive.....Good Luck....It's too late for us..But if I help save yours with this post it was worth it.

I feel exactly the same way...I have so much love and I just would like to be kissed like that..it has been a long time..it is almost like a tease when I do get a kiss on the lips even and it does not last that long at all...:( yup love the passionate get lost in type of romantic kisses....mabey one day .....soon I hope....ty for sharing this....ty...

Yes, life is too short and it's never too late :-)

I wish for the same thing. The only time I seem to get a real kiss is in bed or if my husband is wanting sex. Sometimes I just want to feel that intimate connection just in the moment, and to know that I'm still the one that can light his fire. Sometimes I just need that short intimate connection to make my day better!

Dare... There is no reason YOU can't give him this kind of kiss....Maybe it will spark something and he will start kissing you back like that. Just a thought....

kissing ifs foreplay it is the most sensitive act there is, it is the best when to bust together while kissing this the best lovemaking i know of lol mi am very giving and passionate. lover I think the best it when you get your partner off while kisiing i bust spontaneously when this happens my most satisfying is when i get my partner to bust from what iam doing to her that is really the only way i can bust sex is not a selfish act!

I love what you wrote and so very true...I crave for those kisses too....such simple gestures yet so very hard to get... :( (((hugs)))

I will upturn a cheek, a butt cheek and you can kiss it if you want LOL. I couldn't resist. Seriously, I love intimate kisses.. . in some ways they are better than sex for me.

I usually am not the type to kiss peoples a$$e$ But for YOU Fun girl I will do it this one time....LOL @@@@@@