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Never Been Kissed 15 yrs old and have never been kissed. Oh, i've had boyfriends, and kisses on the cheek..pecks, if you will...but i have never, not ever, been kissed...Really, kissed...
It gets worse, i have found the man i love..ok??...i have found him...we are together...but he lives a state away in New Mexico!!! My lips cant reach him there!!!
And so i sit...and wait...and think...and Crave, a kiss...The way pregnant women crave food, the way addicts crave their addiction, the way divas crave attention..i crave a kiss!!!...Something so simple...
And i know i am pitiful...but i just cant help is my life...
So i will try to wait and be patient until the moment i can see him, so that i can Finally get my First kiss..might i remind you...until then...i must continue craving....
The way psycho fan-girls, crave a glimpse of Justin Bieber...xD
DarkAngel24 DarkAngel24 13-15, F 6 Responses Oct 14, 2012

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I know exactly what you mean, except me is minus the current boyfriend. :( I have found the guy I love, I just have no idea if he likes me. Never been kissed, I only want to be kissed by him.

I feel the same exact way! I'm 15 also, and have never had my real first kiss, like you..pecks, been kissed on the cheek, but not a real one! I have had boyfriends, and there's this one guy in particular that I have had a crush on since I first lied my eyes on him a year ago, and he just recently asked me out and we are now dating,:) But we never really get to see each other, and I can't stand it! >.<

Ugh!!..Finally someone who understands!!! &gt;.&lt; ...its so frustrating...but we must survive through day..we will get as we wish...xP ..and congrats on that btw &lt;3

Same! Someone who understands me too!! I agree it gets a little annoying! haha, and thank you! Congrats to you too:)

Lol..yeah..and no problem:) aww thanks ^-^ xP


Lol..sounds good to me...xP

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Lol. You write pretty well. However, you seem like a good candidate for, 16 and Pregnant. Don't be so quick to rush into things.

Lol..thanks for the compliment...and the warning...xP

well lady you will have all the kissess in the world when the right man would be there and if you will entertain other man beside the one away im sure you will get alot of kissess...

I will stick with my guy...and leave my lips virgins until we meet...xP &lt;3

well thats good and with that study hard and focus to your studies while you wait for your man and im sure that would makes easy for you too...

Lol...i will try...xP

Lol if you are 15 then it is obvious why you put 18 to 21. So as to have free access to sites such as this one correct? Well then have you tried contacting him via FB or EP?

Sorry I stated the obvious... I just am naive I guess. Lmao I actually did not know that people did this. I am now pleased that I may be able to help you with the problem you may have. Adults of an age are less impressionable and set in their ways. Teenagers will at least listen to advice. So this is a blessing lol.

Lol...i used to have my Real age, but i kept meeting people i couldn't add to my circle because of i just changed it...and i am with my boyfriend...but no, i have not gotten that kiss:( ...we email, and sometimes talk through here...its where we met &lt;3 ...and lol..i usually give advice..not take it..xP but yeah...I'm willing:) lol..

You are NOT pitiful , u just WANT what u WANT ...there's NOTHING wrong with that ...& it WILL happen for u ..TRUST ME ..ok?:}