I Can't Believe It

My Air Forceboyfriend is stationed in Saudi Arabia. He will be coming home soon. I haven't seen him in 6 months. when he comes home, I might not be able to see him for another (almost) 4 months because I am leaving for Marine Corps boot camp the 2 days after he comes home. When he does come back, he will be in San Antonio, Texas. I will be in a hotel room waiting to leave for Parris Island (training) the next morning.
I am not craving just any kiss. I am craving his kiss. Heck, I will be happy just to see his face before I leave. Sometimes, a picture just doesn't help.

It's get even more complicated after I come home from training because his home base is San Antonio and I will be stationed in Virginia for my job school training.

I am craving his kiss.
KoalaChic KoalaChic
18-21, F
May 10, 2007