Oh, I Am

There were kisses in my lifetime. Many were just lips on cheek. As a young man, I know I kissed a few girls. So many of those kisses were just going through the motions. My lips would touch the young lady's lips. Perhaps I did some French kissing, but  they were probably few and far between.
I really began kissing when I found the woman who was my wife for 30 years.
When I kissed her, it was like a jolt of electricity. It brought me to life as Dr. Frankenstein and lightning brought the monster to life. Each kiss was like a breath of air. There was much French kissing going on between us from the moment we first met. Just the thought of it now excites me.
My wife's kisses were so exciting. Such enhancement was brought to the act of making love. Each stroke of the hand, or switching of position in our sexual act was magnified in the kisses we gave one another.
The kisses excited me and made my love grow.
I kissed my wife for the last time the day she died. Whether I will ever find another kiss just like the ones my wife and I shared remains to be seen. The fact remains. I am craving a kiss from the one I loved.
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Jan 6, 2013