Dream Kiss

My lips would be like rivers that flow into your mouth, hot and smooth, passionate kisses full of love drifting us into a paradise where our bodies would melt with each other in the madness!

In this special moment, I wouldn’t realize anymore, if your lips are touching mine or if they are mine that feel yours...all it matters is to kiss you like there is no tomorrow.


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11 Responses Dec 1, 2008

Puckering up my lips and floating on air. :-)

Could there really be such a kiss? I would like to experience a kiss such as that.<br />
You made it sound like the most amazing thing on this planet.

I can't believe it's already been four months since I joined ep. Now I got myself my dream girl, a fantastic circle, and wisdom. Thanks ep…<br />
<br />
And I made this pilgrimage to mark four months since 07/16/2011, the day I joined.

I really want one as well. I actually have never kissed a girl before. So i was wondering: anyone out there between 13 and 17 who sees this, let me know if you've also never kissed anyone. Maybe we can share a first kiss together?

long to remember a kiss never felt.

Kissing is so wonderful. I remember my first true love and kissing in her mothers porch saying goodnite. We would be locked together for 30 minutes at a time kissing.<br />
Mmmmm bliss.

yes, THAT kiss would be perfect today.<br />
<br />
miss the one that has the kiss :-(

georgeg I agree

TendereyesPrincess,<br />
I like that start. Can I be wearing a dress while we kiss?

the kiss like the eyes can share one's soul

The kiss if the most sensual act there is. That is the one true act where two can melt into one.