As Time Goes By


I have been with my man for ten years plus, and it must be at least nine years since we kissed on the lips with love from our hearts.  My man suffers with erection problems mainly down to the fact hes more alcohol in his viens then blood, At first it didnt seem to matter to me, I didnt mind that he wasnt poking me in the back with his you know what, and to be quite honest, it was quite releaving having some one laying beside me just wanting to hold me in their arms while we fell asleep together, but as time has gone by I have realised that living with a man who has no sex drive atually means no romance at all.   To have that feeling of tonges touching and groans being made from each others breath completly gone out of my life just adds another empty feeling that reminds me how lonely it is being with the man I adore is never ever going to kiss me with passion in his heart again


rosygal rosygal
46-50, F
1 Response Jul 27, 2007

I have tears in my eyes coz I have never really spoke abouit it up untill now, You must feel so un loved like me. What keeps us with a man who makes us feel so alone and empty, cant they see it, surly to God they must frrl something through their denial, you have made me feel better for sharing your experience with me, thank you